Summer Nail Art That's Nerdy And Cool!

The books you need in your life this summer plus epic manis to match.
Summer Nail Art That's Nerdy And Cool!
Jeffrey Westbrook

The Mani (on cover): Paint your nails with two thin coats of opaque white polish (Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Gel Mod, from Dhs 37, goes on streak-free). Once it's completely dry, grab a pack of Olive and June Nail Art Stickers in ABC, from Dhs 26, and use the individual letters to create your own word art. P.S The letters are tiny, so use a pair of tweezers for precise application.

The Books:
Fake Like Me, by Barbara Bourland (June 18).
One of the hottest, wildest, most talented young artists in NYC dies by drowning in a lake. One f her biggest fans, a poor, n-name painter who idolized her from afar, eventually tried to uncover what really happened... and maybe take her place.

Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky (July 2)
Imagine: you fall in love with your college professor. Then imagine he starts something up with your mum and even moves into your house. On the bright side? He brought an apricot poodle. Just one big happy fam!

Vincent and Alice and Alice, by Shane Jones (July 9)
This somewhat sci-fi tale is about Vincent, who is trying to move on after his divorce from Alice. But they reunite, and even though Alice seems a little off, he's happier than ever... until another Alice shows up.

Marilou Is Everywhere, by Sarah Elaine Smith ( July 30)
Fourteen-year-old Cindy switched lives with a richer, prettier, more popular girl who has mysteriously gone missing. The real question is, what Cindy's actual family think?

The Mani: Start with two coats of your favourite neutral shade, then take a striping brush with a thin tip (you can find one on Amazon or at any beauty-supply store), dip it in green polish (we like OPI Nail Laquer in Stay Off the Lawn!, from Dhs39), and use it to accent two of your nails with a fun little plant design. *Almost* as easy as keeping a succulent alive.

The Book:
Star-Crossed, by Minnie Darke (May 21)
a magazine writer (love her already!) crushes on a guy who is a hard-core believer in astrology. he's just not that into her though... until she starts rewriting the horoscopes he reads, and he suddenly realises he should totally date her. Can't wait for the Netflix movie.

The Mani: Paint your nails with two coats of a pale lavender polish (we love JINsoon Nail Polish in Ibe, from Dhs 66). Then use a striping brush to freehand a few tiny white and navy starts on each finger. Wait a good 10 minutes before sealing it all in with a top coat - if the stars aren't dry, you'll smear the edges.

The Books:
How Could She, by Lauren Mechling (June 25)
Hi, compulsively readable page-turner about three friends- one just went through a breakup with her fiancé, one is struggling to keep it together as a new mum, and one is aging out of her it Girl persona. The thing is, they all think the others have perfect lives.

Ayesha at Last, by Uzma Jalaluddin (June 12)
Already a huge hit overseas, this book is finally out in the U.S. It takes the classic Pride & Prejudice plot point (a heroine who has had zero luck on the marriage market and is irritatingly attracted to a handsome and judgmental man) and sets it in a present-day Muslim family.

The History of Living Forever, by Jake Wolff (June 11)
Most stories about searching for the elusive elixir of life star either villains or vampires (or both). But this tale focuses on a man, and he's not trying to keep his dashing good looks - he's trying to prevent more people he loves from dying.

A Prayer for Travelers, by Ruchika Tomar (July 9)
A debut novel with everything: a small-town girl exploring life outside said small town, an eccentric and eye-opening BFF, and a quest to find out what happened when said bestie suddenly disappears.

The Mani: Okay, so this Cardi-style hardware isn't exactly DIY-able - you'll need to make a trip to your nail salon if you want to give this a try. Bring your own chains and bling (Amazon has a ton of options), and show your nail tech this pic. They'll use acrylic to affix the chains and a little bit of nail glue to add the gems.

The Book:
Mrs. Everything, by Jennifer Weiner (June 11)
From the writer behind In Her Shoes- your fave movie about sisters- comes another story about sisters. But instead of being in a competitive relationship fueled by mutual envy, these two are sibling goals as they try to figure out if their generation is really so much freer than their mother's.

The Mani: Grab a bottle of Essie Glazed Days, from Dhs33 (it's what our model is wearing), prep your nails as usual, and paint on two coats of polish. The formula is slightly translucent and jellylike and delivers the juiciest berry tint- kind of like a glass of pink bubbles.

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