If You’re Not Doing the Flamingo Pose On Instagram, Who Even Are You?

Insert the nonexistent flamingo emoji.
If You’re Not Doing the Flamingo Pose On Instagram, Who Even Are You?

Remember the fish gape pose from 2015 (when you separated your lips slightly for every photo you ever took that year) that iconically replaced duck face (when you pushed your pout forward, creating a curved-up duckbill effect) on your IG feed?

Then there was the T. rex selfie hand of spring 2016 (when your hand is in a clawlike position, resting on your face somewhere) and finally, the Bambi pose, coined by my friend Julie Schott (when you sit on your shins and rest your butt on the back of your feet), that every celeb/influencer/model found themselves doing during summer 2017.

Well, stand back up, because as a few scrolls on the ’gram will reveal, summer 2019 has a new stance and you’re gonna need to practice your balance. Meet the flamingo pose.

Much like “Google it” or “Postmates that,” the term “flamingo” can also be used in verb form, since it refers to the act of keeping one’s leg straight and bending the other into a slightly triangular shape. Why this pose? Perhaps it’s more comfy to stand with one leg up? I’ve done it whilst standing next to my counter eating chips and guac, so I can say firsthand that it’s not not comfortable. But it’s def a super-flattering pose in pics, IMO.

Regardless of the reasoning one does said stance, there are a ton of celebs doing the bend (your leg) and snap (a photo), hence this VERY IMPORTANT piece. Need proof? See below for peak flamingo, modeled by the one and only Queen B:

Oh, and Bey isn’t the only person serving up this elegant pose. Allow me to serve you some examples for dinner:

Kendall Jenner’s party-dress flamingo (if you keep clicking, you can see her get into flamingo position on vid):

Hailey Bieber's Tye-Dye Flamingo:

Shay Mitchell’s laid-back flamingo:

Kourtney and Khloé’s yacht flamingo:

Jamie Chung’s full-on-lounge flamingo:

Winnie Harlow’s glam flamingo:

The Kardashian-Jenner family flamingo:

The influencer flamingo:

Olivia Culpo’s fitness flamingo:

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Run this ish like cardioooooo @aloyoga @sophiaculpo

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Gigi Hadid’s fashun flamingo:

You get the picture. Basically, the flamingo is everywhere and the pose is SO flattering, so go forth and capture all the content this summer, pretty birds!

H/T Cosmo US​

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