What Carly Rae Jepsen Has On Her Nightstand

Cheeto Chips: A Must.
What Carly Rae Jepsen Has On Her Nightstand
Natalie O'Moore

Carly Rae Jepsen, whose new album, Dedicated, dropped May 17, shares what she sleeps next to.

Q: My overall nightstand VIBE....

Messy – like the scene in Friends where Monica has that one embarrassing closet full of random stuff.

Q: The most unusual items in there rn?

Massage oil and a ball for working out kinks in my back.

Q: What’s on top?

Candles, reading glasses, and Weleda Renewing Night Cream.

iHerb.com, Dhs95

Q: I probs wouldn’t want my mom to find....

If I didn’t want my mom to find it, I probably shouldn’t write it in a magazine!

Q: What about snacks?

I did find some Cheetos in there the other day.

Q: Sleep masks – yea or nay?

On the plane, definite yea. For home life, nay.

Q: Books by the bed?

I like to flip through either poetry or old period pieces. Anything that helps me get out of my own head for a second before going to sleep. Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing has probably been there the longest.

Q: What I steal from my Partner’s nightstand...

His is pretty empty.

Q: My alarm sitch?

It’s set to a Dev Hynes song called With Him. It’s a gentle way to start the morning instead of the usual “beep beep beep."

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