The Secret Message In These Celebs' Engagement Insta

We see you, ring hiders
The Secret Message In These Celebs' Engagement Insta

If your post is like Priyanka Chopra Jonas...

A hand resting on his chest suggests tender affection, while lowered eyelids signal a very sensual relationship, says body-language expert Patti Wood.

If your post is like Kim Kardashian West...

You're psyched to be engaged, but that may be it. A disembodied hand without your fiancé in sight lacks love," explains Wood. Almost like it doesn't matter who gave you the rock... just that you have one.

If your post is like Katy Perry's...

When your faces are partially out of view and your ring is the only thing on full display, it suggests you two are super protective of your relationship. (But you still want to go for that double tap.)

If your post is like J.Lo...

Yeah, you're kinda holding hands, but your tense fingers and his straight thumb indicate that independence is important to you both...and that likely won't change once you're hitched.

If your post is like Hailey Bieber...

Having your fiancé's face and the ring nearly out of sight could mean you're not ready to shout out your engagement just yet. And standing above them is always a power move, says Wood.

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