What An Influencer Really Does All Day: Zoe Andersen Spills The Details

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What An Influencer Really Does All Day: Zoe Andersen Spills The Details
Instagram / Zoe Andersen
Zoe Andersen

It’s not all super glam selfies and freebies… there’s much more to it! Zoe Andersen of @zoehappyfit has almost 500k followers and tells us exactly what she packs into her 24 hours

I wake up usually right before my alarm goes off and check my phone to see if my mom messaged me (I can’t help but worry) and I check if there’s anything urgent I need to deal with. I then check my Instagram and take a few minutes to scroll through positive and motivational content to start my day off right feeling optimistic and ready for the day - need the good vibes!

Then the only thing that drags me out of bed is my morning coffee I make a quick breakfast and then sit in the sofa with my coffee and I start replying to my audience. If I posted the night before, I’ll have quite a few comments to reply to and I also reply to a few DMs.

I just arrived at the launch of an awesome brand. Because it’s a fitness related event, we’re doing a class so I say hi to everyone, take a few of pictures and then get ready to sweat. After the class, there’s a healthy breakfast for everyone, with (vegan) protein shakes, coffee, fruits etc. We take a (sweaty) group picture, I grab something light to refuel my body and then it’s time to say bye to everyone and head back home to shoot some content.

11am to 1pm
Usually the lighting is good at that time in my apartment and I film most of my content from home (home workouts, etc) so I’ll set everything up and film.

2pm to 2.30pm
I’m starving by the time I’m done so I make something quick (my go-to lunch recipe is usually quinoa with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, tofu and some soy sauce) and coffee of course!

After lunch, I start editing the video I’m going to post, I spend some time on Instagram replying to some DMs again and I do my laptop work (emails, planning, writing…).
There’s a lot of time spent just behind the screen, planning content, editing videos, replying to emails etc. Sometimes it takes me a really long time because English is not my native language so I really have to plan everything I’m saying. I do everything by myself (filming, editing) so I do spend a lot of time on my phone or laptop.

After a few hours, I usually really need to get out so I’ll meet a friend for coffee or run some errands. I went to a class this morning so no gym for me today. Otherwise I usually go around 4 to 5pm because that’s when I need a break and training really is my therapy. It clears my mind and gives me such positive energy; I feel powerful and super optimistic after my workout and usually spend 45 minutes to one hour in the gym.

7 to 8:30pm
I’ve got a menu launch to attend in the evening and I’m not going to lie, this one’s got me totally revved up as it’s all vegan! One of the things I love most about Dubai is how many amazing culinary options it has. And how vegan friendly it is. There are new places opening all the time or places adding vegan options to their menu. I’m going with a friend and it’s the perfect girls date night – anything with a ton of food usually is! 

This is when a lot of the work starts! After posting, I engage with my audience so I’ll spend some time replying to the comments and it’s sometimes a bit tricky because I might be out for dinner with friends but I’m posting that night and according to my IG insights, 9pm is the best time for me to post so I’ll be on my phone for a while. Most of my friends are cool with it but some people get annoyed. I can understand it’s not nice to be with someone when they’re on their phone but on the other hand it’s part of my job and I always apologise in advance 

I’m back in bed with Netflix at the ready. Before I delve right in to my fave new series, I’ll check Instagram one last time. Yes, I know screen time is bad for you before bed but it’s the only way I can get mine to shut down otherwise, it’s constantly working, thinking about new ideas, things to do, etc and I just can’t sleep.

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