Four Fun Things You Can Do In Dubai Even If You're Not 21 Yet!

Alexa, play Teenage Dream
Four Fun Things You Can Do In Dubai Even If You're Not 21 Yet!

Okay, okay, we hear you. It's summer and if you're under 21, there's sometimes a lil' bit of confusion about what to do when you can't enjoy Dubai's thriving nightlife. *sigh*

But we gotchu! Here's 4 activities you can enjoy as a teen queen in dxb, and they're even better with your squad!

1. Cove Beach


Want to have the chill vibes of the seaside without actually leaving Dubai? Cove Beach is literally the definition of the dream staycation. Featuring two beauuuutiful infinity pools, the beach, cabanas, and artsy outdoor decor, Cove will give you major Greece feels, but in the best possible way. Restaurants at Cove offer outdoor and  indoor seating, some of the liveliest Afro-beats and Latino-music, and mocktails for days. Oh and they serve shisha after 6pm. Oh, and it's on Bluewaters Island, which has the most stunning Ferris wheel in the background. Hellooo Insta posts!

2. Escape Rooms

Oooh, this is a fun one! Designed particularly for teens, this is the perf activity for you and your #squad. Featuring different themes such as Sherlock Holmes, murder mysteries, horror and Harry Potter, Phobia and NoWayOut are the best escape rooms in the city! Be prepared for an hour of squabbling with your besties to get out of the escape room ASAP, or else...

3. Latin Nights

Looove Latino-beats, but aren't over 21? Dw, we gotchu. Eateries such as Cafe Habana play Latino music live and serve authentic South-American cuisine, especially some exotic dishes from Cuba. Stay tuned for some featured artists at this Latino hub in Downtown on Sundays, some absolutely fiiire food, and songs to shake your hips to all night!

4. Quad Biking

Hey, desert gals! Wanna do an adventurous trip around the dunes with your squad? Quad biking and ATV rental are the perf way to head to the desert in the afternoon and enjoy the evening sunset and some local activities on the safari. Best part? The insane adrenaline rush and the laughter that will literally not stop all day!

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