Jetset Like Travel Influencer Haifa Beseisso This Eid

Island Hopping With Haifa
Jetset Like Travel Influencer Haifa Beseisso This Eid

Time for some R&R you guys. Eid is here and Cosmopolitan’s Best In Travel Influencer winner Haifa Beseisso shares her tips for what to do and see in five of her favourite islands across the globe. From Bali to Sri Lanka, the professional traveller has your summer trips taken care of. 

What's Haifa's top travel tip?

“Learn a few words in the language of the country you are visiting – a few basics like hello, thank you and can you help?  It shows you’ve made an effort and respect the place you’re visiting – plus it’s useful!”

Travel Like Haifa


Times visited: 7 

Highlight: "The vegan chefs create amazing, healthy dishes”

“Bali is my favourite spot in the world because it’s so diverse. There’s so much to do: it’s really fun but equally you have the option to be spiritual and meditate – I’m very interested in self-discovery. It’s an island that can give you so many gifts…It’s dangerous because if you go there you might not want to come back. Bali is not just an island, so much is happening there. You can stay in the mountains, go to the forest and jungle or walk on the beach. Also, it’s cheaper than Dubai – you can eat an amazing vegan meal for 30 dirhams.”


Times visited: 4

Highlight: "The people. Everyone says hello to you”

“I first went a few years ago with my niece, who was going to do some volunteering work with orphans, and we fell in love with the place. One of the most unique things I loved about the island was the sandbank. You take a small boat from the shore go to the sandbank - which is an island of sand in the ocean – and you can have a seafood BBQ, eat watermelon and mangos and have a party. Later, the ocean eats away at the sand and you have to leave. The best time to go is June, July and august. In the winter, it’s too hot and humid.”


Times visited: 2

Highlight: “The blue of the ocean. It’s magical”

“Maldives is so relaxing and quiet - and it’s very luxurious. You go there when you just want to be with yourself. You sleep in during the morning and at night you listen to the ocean. Some hotels have outdoor cinemas and you can watch the stars. The beaches are full of amazing white sand the hotels offer a lot of privacy. Women can go there, get their own villa by the ocean, uncover and relax.”


Times visited: 1

Highlight: “The Asian hospitality – Sri Lankans get very creative with how to pamper their guests!”

“I visited two years ago, only for two days, and found it was beautiful and full of elephants. But I advise potential travellers to do some research before visiting elephant sanctuaries, to make sure the rescued elephants are definitely now being treated well. I’m very into conscious travelling. The food is good too - try and find a local who can tell you where the best food is, what’s cheap to do and what’s safe.”

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