Stranger Things Season 3 Is Coming Soon, Here's What To Expect

Feels like we've been waiting forever
Stranger Things Season 3 Is Coming Soon, Here's What To Expect

So, finally. Finally. Stranger Things season 3 is here, you guys. After over a year and a half of radio silence, Stranger Things comes out once again on Netflix July 4. I don't know about you, but I definitely cannot contain my excitement! 

When Stranger Things, the beloved fan-favorite series starring Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, first released, it was rapidly a cult classic. With the creepy yet fascinating upside-down and the whirlwind adventure of the kids(and of course, who could forget everyone's favorite "mum" Steve), the show received much accolade by critics and fans alike, and was quickly picked up for a season 2 and 3. 

So unsurprisingly, the world was completely shooketh March 20 when the highly anticipated Season 3 official trailer dropped.

"I will be finished with this series by 10am on July 4," a comment said.

Agreed. 100%.

"This is such an amazing and powerful trailer. I love it so much," said another comment. 

Again. Completely agree. 

In celebration of Stranger Things (and mostly, Steve) finally gracing our screens, here's everything you everything you need to know about season 3: 

1. Get ready for new faces!

The more the merrier, as they say. We can't wait to see what Maya Hawke, who plays "alternative" girl and potential love interest of Steve, and Jake Busey, who plays a journalist at Hawkins Post have in store! 

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One summer can change everything.

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2. Even more pop culture references

Did someone say Back To The Future? Stranger Things may not be actually shot in 1985 (wouldn't that be cool!), but they definitely do everything possible to make sure the viewer really believes the show is set then. So it's no surprise that season 3 is expected to have a lot more '80s pop culture references. We're here for it! 


3. The time jump

Season 3 is set in June/July of 1985, so goodbye school, hello summer! 

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Don't miss it! Stranger Things Season 3 is coming out July 4 only on Netflix

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