The Braids You Didn't Know You Needed

Hair we go!
The Braids You Didn't Know You Needed

With summer in full swing, it's time to up our hair game. Our 'Gram won't fill itself...Here are a few awesome styles to get you in the holiday mood - festival, beach or shopping trip, these braids cover all areas. Thank us later. 

1. This heart-shaped half up half down

2. A rose in your hair... but made of your hair

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Yet another flowerstyle

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3. An inverse braid followed by two buns.

Honeslty it's so freeing and you can even sport in it!

4. A small braid going into a ponytail

5. This waterfall half up half down

6. 4 strand braids

It's easier than it looks!

7. A fish braid half up half down

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