10 Cruelty-Free Eyeshadow Palettes That Are So, So Good

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10 Cruelty-Free Eyeshadow Palettes That Are So, So Good
Shanai Tanwar -

Recently, many brands are opting for cruelty-free trade, and this means our make-up carts have become so much more sustainable and vegan-friendly. If buying beauty with a conscience is up your street, I've got just the products for you. Enjoy. 

1. 'Opulence Eyeshadow Palette' by Zoeva

Sephora, Dhs 120

Okay idk about y'all, but for me range is so imp in a palette - and that's exactly what Opulence gives me. Mellow, neutral shades in matte beiges and pinks are amaze, but my faves are hands-down the darker blue and purples. Servin' midnight lewks all the way!

2. 'Modern Renaissance' by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Sephora, Dhs 242

For gals who love shimmery and solid shades - this is the palette! With some striking oranges and pinks, be prepared to create your next make-up masterpiece. And gosh, the pigmentation...amazing.

3. 'Vegan Bright Eyeshadow Palette' by Kat von D

Sephora, Dhs 195

Known for her vegan cruelty-free products, Kat von D brings us this gorg new palette with the most vibrant colors. Hmm, this palette does not believe in nude shades but def will get all eyes on you...literally. And we luuurve that cute lil' heart-shaped mirror. Adorbs. 

4. 'Naked2' by Urban Decay

Sephora, Dhs 262

Okay, this is a cult classic! Every minimalist gal will have one of the Naked palettes in her make-up bag. Not only is this palette 100% cruelty-free, it's also IDEAL for every night-out look you can imagine. Smokey eye? Check. Shimmery? Defo. Nude? Yep.

5. Celebration Must-Haves Color Ramadan Collection by Tarte

Sephora, Dhs 300

This amazing cruelty-free package comes with a mascara, eyeliner, and the 'High Tides and Good Vibes' eyeshadow palette. With rosy neutral tones as well as stronger blues giving #beachvibes, this palette is a must-have for summer!

6. 'Lolita Eyeshadow Palette' by Kat von D

Sephora, Dhs 180

Kat von D, again?! Yes, you heard. I mean, it's not surprising when she's one of the faces of the cruelty-free movement. This latest palette features a gorg set of 8 pigmented matte shades that reflect the rosy tones of 'Lolita'. So. Beautiful. 

7. 'Screen Queen Eyeshadow Palette' by Zoeva

Sephora, Dhs 116

Wow, talk about being star-struck! Zoeva's palette will literally dazzle you with its selection of 10 glitter shades in so many diff colours! From a shimmery sky-blue that gives us picnic vibes for days, to the sandy shimmers of beige and brown, this palette is here to make you sparkle. 

8. 'Volcano Goddess' by BECCA

Sephora, Dhs 222

This palette by BECCA is combining all of our fave qualities in an eyeshadow palette to make you fall in lava! Offering rosy and fiery transitional shades, this textured shadows palette is def up here on our list for its incredibly creamy feel while making you shimmer like a true goddess.

9. 'Sugar Plum Eyeshadow Palette' by Too Faced

Sephora, Dhs 280

Firstly, the names of these shades are to die for. It's got 16 shimmery and matte shades in a range of colors from deep earthy browns to baby and blush pinks, while also contrasting that with more seductive blacks and maroons. Just wow.

10. 'Subculture' by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Sephora, Dhs 120

Another classic! What I love about this palette is that its shades are soft and pastel, but somehow never lose their impact. The pigmentation is so, so good and each looks so refreshing while still remaining subtle and soft. Perf for a dinner date by the ocean, tbh. 

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