Here Are The Most Instagramable Cafés In Oman

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Here Are The Most Instagramable Cafés In Oman
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PSA: did you know Oman is crammed full of totally cute cafés? If you're a local who wants to grab a coffee with a friend, or you're visiting this summer, we've investigated 6 of the most Instagramable (and yummy!) café locations:

1. Roselle Ca

Located in Al Qurum Complex and Avenues Mall, Roselle is like an IRL fairytale. No, really. When you walk in the room it is fully decorated in pink flowers and their food is sooo pretty.

2. Mint & Coco

Not only is their food delicious but the decoration is so tropical, it gives me serious vacation vibes! Plus, it's a great study spot for students (I studied there for my finals when I lived there!)

3. Mani's Café

A healthy meal and a great ambiance. This place is bound to get your creative juices flowing. And if you go to the Al Mouj branch then you can snap a pose in front of the marina *winky face*.

4. Nana's

With an ocean view for days, this place is like paradise. Not only that but their interior is chic and cool. 

5. The Jungle Restaurant

If you're into nature, this is definitely the place for you. In order to get into the restaurant, you have to adventure yourself into a jungle like setting. Full of trees and hidden cascades, some nice shots could be taken here!

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