Why Mykonos Is The Island Y'all Need To Visit This Summer

Eat. Beach. Sleep. REPEAT.
Why Mykonos Is The Island Y'all Need To Visit This Summer

As a student, going on holiday consists of trying to combine two of my fav words – ‘vacay’ and ‘budget-friendly’. So when I heard of Mykonos, one of the Greek islands, I was like okaaaaay, that’s it, defs going there, 100% down for that.

Why? It looked uh-mazingly beautiful, and spoiler: it did not disappoint.

Here are the reasons why it needs to be your next vacay...

1. It’s like, designed for young people.  Mykonos is the perfect mocktail of dreamy beaches, insane architecture and a 100 per cent fun party night scene that finds its way onto beach parties too.

2. The beaches are stunning. You can rent out some super cool cabanas (they’re pretty cheap too) and experience some of the best beach parties post-4 pm every afternoon. Plus they have kayaks and jet-skis. Dreamy. 

3. ‘Little Venice’ is where you wanna be for some of the most delish souvlaki, tzatziki and gyros. Nestled cosily just off of Mykonos Town and Mykonos port, this is the European highlight of the island. Usually it’s suuuper flooded by tourists, and although it’s not the same as Santorini, you can still find glimpses of the white and blue. And to top off the seaside vibe, you've got windmills for some aesthetic pics and a killer view of the island.

4. The nightlife is beyond good. Skandinavian Bar, Paradise Beach Club and Toy Room are some of the local faves that blast everything from the latest English tunes, to hype EDM until late, and often feature several international artists.

To me, Mykonos is an island I’d visit every summer – there’s literally always so much to do there, my four days felt too short. If you love beachin’, eatin’ and relaxin’, this is the island for you!

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