Could You Go The (Long) Distance With Your S.O?

Team Cosmo weighs in
Could You Go The (Long) Distance With Your S.O?

Would you have a long distance relationship ? We here at Cosmo, weigh in:


Olivia Adams, Digital Editor

While the opportunity hasn’t come up for me to go long distance with a guy (side note: will I be single forever?) I would 100 per cent give it a go. Here’s why: finding someone compatible, kind and fun (my criteria) isn’t easy, so when I find it, I’m determined to give it my all – even if we’re thousands of miles apart. I’d rather see a person like this every few months instead of spending every day with someone who doesn’t tick my boxes.

Chantel Pereira, Editorial Assistant

The idea of breaking up simply because of distance is archaic in this tech-driven society; what with video calling, Snapchatting and endless other chatting platforms at our disposal. I personally think it’s cowardly to give up on a relationship you’ve invested so much time and effort in simply because you can’t physically see each other every day. If anything, distance forces you to step out of the traditional dates box and get creative in exploring new ways to hangout. Distance is simply an obstacle to overcome and if you really like the other person why quit? Why give all that up. If you two can make a LDR work, you can get through almost everything. If anything LDR’s are a test to see if you two can literally and figuratively go the distance.


Kavita Srinivasan, Editor in Chief

I like feeling relaxed, happy and secure in my relationship and a LDR is the complete opposite of al of that. You’re always tense, you never really feel totally connected and you don’t know each other’s lives. No matter how secure you are, there’s bound to be tons of insecurity and jealousy. Plus, when you do visit one another, you don’t totally belong in the other person’s life… you’re making a cameo and then you’re gone. It’s just not the kind of foundation to build a lasting relationship on. You’ve got to be in the same place at the same time and on the same wavelength to truly feel connected. I’ve been there, done that and not only did it fail, it brought out an ugly side in both of us. It’s just a no man’s land, literally.

Chloe Bosher, Fashion & Beauty Editor

I would never do it again. I stayed with my high school BF when I went to Uni and it was bad. I just wanted to breathe and live my life. He was great and he didn't deserve me wanting to run a mile. I was younger,excited about uni and didn't want anyone holding me back. No matter how great someone is, he will never be a part of your life when he's far away. When you're that young, it's just not worth it.