Why Going On A Trip With Your Girlfriends Is The Best Thing You Can Do

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Why Going On A Trip With Your Girlfriends Is The Best Thing You Can Do

For my grad trip last summer, three of my best girlfriends and I decided to fly and explore four Greek islands for two weeks. And honestly, that was the best dream vacay. Ever.

Think white beaches, cute boys, the vibin’ nightlife, and of course – FOOD. But what made the trip most special for me was the people I shared those memories with. What you learn when you’re on a trip with your besties is so so different from what you maybe know about them from work/school/outside. I can now safely say we're better friends than we ever were, and here's why:

1. You learn to accept them...like EVERY part of them

You'll quickly learn about their gross shower habits, hear them snore, share each other’s makeup and learn the little quirks of their personalities. It’s like having three roommates in a hotel and you get intimately acquainted with all parts of their personalities - particularly parts you otherwise wouldn't have known. It's a bonding experience. 

2. You learn to work out the differences

Wait, who am I kidding? Of course there are gonna be fights and squabbles and ‘dibs on showering first’. Sometimes it can be a battle even over something as dumb as what to eat, smh. But I promise, one day later, you’ll be laughing. It's gonna be you vs. them in a new city, and tbh it's no fun sulking at the same table as your bestfriends when you know you have two weeks of memories to make. In comparison, any fight feels petty.

3. You learn to stand by each other

Sure, you're not always gonna get along. Except you’re in a foreign city with no one else to care for you but them and that’s when it becomes family. And sure, I can’t trust myself to even toast some bread, but I know they’ve got my tum filled, and will keep me happy 24/7.

Even my Insta-fam has never had better photographers than them and 9/10 times they’ve clicked the photos. After about 567 tries, ofc.

4. You travel better

Crazy, right?! You'd think with four people worth of luggage, traveling would be anything BUT easy. But I can't even count the amount of times I've been borderline excess on baggage and my besties have quickly stuffed some of my clothes into any space they have. And of course, you can split the work - one carries the straightener, the other brings shampoo... it's just economical! 

5. You holiday better

It's 'Charlie's Angels on a vacation' task-force. You'd be surprised at how many talents your besties have. While I was usually in charge of looking at bus timings, one of my besties was looking up events and parties for us to hit up, while the other was co-ordinating our maps and way of getting there. Of course, you're gonna have that one friend who's in charge of always getting y'all late...

You'll most likely become even closer, sharing and making memories, that you'll remember forever, oh and your 'Gram will be upped too. It’s not about the place, it’s about the people. And above all, about the memories that'll last forever *sob, getting a lil' cheesy here*. 

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