Things To Do In Dubai When It's Way Too Hot Outside

Beat the heat
Things To Do In Dubai When It's Way Too Hot Outside

Looking for something to do that doesn't mean getting a severe sunburn? Luckily Dubai isn't just about its beautiful sites, but also its array of activities. Here are 15 fun activities to do indoors:

1. Café Ceramique

Hang out at the Café Ceramique to get in touch with your creative side while eating delicious food!

2. Hysteria Haunted Attraction

Be careful because this place is so scary that it's 18+! If you're looking for a thrill or an adrenaline rush, this is the place for you this summer.

3. Thrill Zone

Play a game of laser tag and watch mini 6D movies! That's right - 6D!

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4. Rock Climbing Wall

If you're looking for something active that's more fun than the gym, then go for an indoor climb. And dw if you're scared of heights, because an instructor stays with you the whole time.

5. Jumble

This maze is both physically and mentally challenging, but loads of fun for big groups. It'll require concentration, strength and a good attitude if you wanna beat the Jumble!

6. Hub Zero

If you love video games and arcades then this is the spot for you.

7. The Green Planet

Come take a walk on the wild side and discover nature at The Green Planet. You might even get lucky and be able to take a pic with the sloth.

8. VR Park

Ever tried virtual reality at your local electronics store? Well, this is the same thing except SO much bigger and way more fun. The whole park is dedicated to VR experiences!

9. Rain Room, Sharjah

Dw girls, you don't actually get wet. This interactive permanent installation makes it rain all day except wherever you walk! Sensors detect your movement and the water stops wherever you go - so cool! And it's perfect for the 'Gram.

10. Dubai Sports World

If you want a physical activity DSW has so much to offer, including parkour and acrobatics. If you wanna show off, you can even try their very own Ninja Warrior activity.

11. Dubai Opera House

Enjoy a piece of high-end theatre, dance or opera at the DOH.

12. Dubai Ice Rink

Take a spin on the ice!

13. Tee And Putt

This glow-in-the-dark mini golf is perfect for everyone, and puts a super fun twist on your usual golf game. 

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14. Bounce

This place is some serious fun. Bounce around on their trampolines - make sure you bring a sports bra though, lol.

15. Challenge Chambers

Get ready to become a detective because this activity is all about escaping, and you need to find all the hidden clues. A real-life escape game bound to give a thrill and probs a bit of a sweat!

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