Dog Lovers, Here's Where To Pamper Your Pooch In Dubai

Yes, we're fur-real
Dog Lovers, Here's Where To Pamper Your Pooch In Dubai

While you're busy jetting off to your next hair appointment, have you stopped to think about how grateful your devoted pooch would be for some TLC?

Give your fur babies a real holiday feel with a new look, a bubble bath, or relaxing shampoo from some of the best groomers in Dubai. Or, just get them a regular cut to beat the heat. Your pets will thank you. 

1. Precious Paws Spa

‘All you need is love…and a dog’ is the tagline for this spa, and we couldn't agree more. This spa offers in-store grooming, pet sitting, and guess what? A luxury Thai spa for your four-pawed baby to have a Beverly Hills experience. Casual. 

2. My Second Home

One of Dubai’s first luxury resorts for our furry friends, My Second Home sounds like every dog’s dream vacay. Not only do they do full grooming sessions, but they also offer hairstyling, bubble baths and facials. Move over, pup royalty is here!

3. Pet Parlor Mobile Grooming

Okay, did someone order a spa at home? This grooming company comes literally to your doorstep, so for all of us helicopter dog-parents out there, your babe isn’t too far from you. Their best part? A different shampoo for each style! Exhilarating shampoo, refreshing shampoo… amazing.

4. Miss Meow Grooming

While we totally love dogs (did you guess?) This grooming service offers treatments for all your pets, wings or without! Birds and rabbits too. Yay! 

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