5 Things To Do Before Your First Music Festival

Trust us, you’re going to want these tips
5 Things To Do Before Your First Music Festival

Festivals are incredibly fun to go to, but they can also be super stressful to prepare for—especially if you’re a first timer! To make sure that your inaugural festival is more model-dancing-in-fringe than Fyre failure, heed these tips to avoid any newbie mistakes.

Prep Your Tan

Few things can ruin a music festival experience like a wicked sunburn—imagine trying to enjoy yourself when it hurts every time you move a muscle.

Instead, slather on the SPF ahead of time and give yourself a sunless tan with St. Tropez’s  Bronzing Kit before you go. It'll give you a healthy-looking, streak-free glow, and it's infused with super-moisturising extract. Big bonus: it's easy to use!

Beautylish: ST. TROPEZ Self Tan Starter Kit Dhs92

Invest in an External Charger

Things that you don’t want to spend your time doing at a festival absolutely include waiting in a massive line to charge your phone. Pack an external charger to extend your battery life to avoid stressing when you see your phone hovering at nine percent.

Other essentials that you’ll want to have on you include tissues (who knows what the TP situation is going to be like), bandages, hand sanitizer, and snacks—think: easy-to-eat foods like energy bars and trail mix.

Opt for Sneakers

Did you really think that you were going to be able to dance for days in gladiator sandals? Sneakers will keep your feet as comfy as possible through all of the walking, jumping, and dancing that is a music festival, and they’ll protect your toes when someone in the crowd inevitably steps on them. You. Will. Get. Stepped. On.

Generally, prioritising comfort over ~fashun~ is the right mindset to be in when packing. It doesn’t matter how cute your white romper is—you’re not going to want to deal with carefully taking it off every time you use the porta-potties.

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Get Yourself a Game Plan

It’s way too overwhelming deciding which artists you want to see day of, so make a plan with your friends about which performances are a priority and create a team schedule. Deciding which bands you absolutely can’t miss beforehand helps you avoid disappointment when you’re standing in a line for water while panic-checking your phone for the time.

If you really want to get into it, festivals will also post a map of the stage layouts online, so you can strategize when to go where.

Forget the Shoulder Bag

While your strappy purse might be perfect for a night out, it’s going to be a pain while you’re trying to run around and dance your butt off at a festival. Go with a bag that's either a crossbody, a comfortable backpack, or a bum bag.

And whatever you do, choose one with internal zip pockets. You don’t want to be constantly worried about how safe your cash and cards are while standing in a crowd of thousands of people.

Revolve: Rebecca Minkoff Bree Belt Bag Dhs642

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