Here's Why Yellow Is Our Fave Colour To Wear This Summer

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Here's Why Yellow Is Our Fave Colour To Wear This Summer

Summer’s here, folks! It’s finally that time of the year to become a sandy beach babe - so why not make the sunny yellow part of your wardrobe, too?  

We've officially fallen in love with the shade of the summer - and here are all the reasons you need to get a touch of yellow in your life ASAP... 

1. It’s soft!

Yellow’s the sort of colour you can find in so many different shades, each one bringing with it a new intensity and vibe.  Yellow and white is a mellow combination with the softness of both colours balancing each other out. White shorts with a pale yellow crop/tube top is the way to your next outing.

2. It’s bold!

Yellow screams bold, chic and unique! It’s got so much personality – pair a stronger, neon shade with a monotone of black and white, and voila! It makes a powerful contrast for a beach party or evening adventure. Psst...heads will turn.

3. It’s young!

Nothing spells summer more than the funky young vibes of travel and the feeling of time being endless. With yellow, any outfit gets a fruity, pulpy look that instantly brightens up your face – when contrasted with the ideal summer tan #goals, you’ve never looked better!

4. It’s beachy!

This one's pretty simple – who doesn’t wanna be dripping sunshine at the beach? Carry a yellow swimsuit with you to the white/blues of Santorini, or the delicious turquoise of Maldives, and it’ll be the perf colour for your next hot Insta post.

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