Behold! Game Of Thrones Star Kit Harrington Has A Secret Beauty Talent!

If the brush fits…
Behold! Game Of Thrones Star Kit Harrington Has A Secret Beauty Talent!

Last week saw the highly-anticipated end to HBO’s hit fantasy show, Game of Thrones, and the cast took to their socials to openly share all the juicy behind-the-scenes snippets and selfies they were holding back for legal reasons (they were sworn to secrecy until the final ep aired).

As a fellow GoT fan, I have to say these BTS moments the cast have shared have really helped us cope during the sad time. The last week was hard because not only did we have to say goodbye to our fav TV show, but we also had to say goodbye to our friends. Yes, I am referring to the GoT characters and yes, I’m guilty of forming imaginary friendships with them.

Moving on.

This rather interesting and definitely hilarious BTS shot of Kit Harrington (who plays Jon Snow) from the last episode of the show has gone viral.

If you haven't seen the episode yet, (SPOILER) Jon Snow wasn't in the scene where all the Lord and Ladies of Westeros were gathered at the Dragonpit to discuss who would rule over the Seven Kingdoms. So, clearly when Kit isn't channeling his Jon Snow character, he's goofing around with the rest of the cast. 

It's refreshing to see Kit leave behind the always-loyal, always-brooding Jon persona and adopt this make-up artist persona, instead. We've seen him wave a sword and now we get to see him wave a make-up brush. Is there anything this man can't do? 

Fans had the time of their lives with their punny humour, playing on his name, Kit. "Kit with a make-up kit" and "Make-up kit Kit" definitely had us giggling. 

Here are some other fan reactions:

Did Jon help Dany with her braids after Missandei was offed? It does seem posisble, as he'd never say no to his Queen. 

It can get boring when you've only been given five lines for a good two episodes, as it was in Kit's case. Maybe Kit moonlights as an MUA.

Aegon = Jon (another SPOILER for you). He could even start his own make-up line. I know I'd buy. 

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