I Tested FOREO'S LUNA 2 Facial Cleansing Device And Here Is The Shocking Truth

Game. Changing.
I Tested FOREO'S LUNA 2 Facial Cleansing Device And Here Is The Shocking Truth

First impressions are important – and you only get one chance at them. Swedish skincare brand FOREO recently launched the LUNA 2 facial device, claiming the brightly-coloured cleaning and toning gadget will eliminate impurities and reduces fine lines. Quite the statement, so I selflessly decided to put it to the test. Here are my impressions.

Okay, so making a difference to my skin is what’s important, but call me superficial (I’ll join you), but I just love the colour options of the LUNA 2. From pink to baby blue, turquoise and purple, when I first bring the device home my shelfie game is immediately enhanced. 

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To set the scene, I’m a Millennial – this means I try and fit everything into my life. A career, the gym, a social life and so on. My mornings before work consist of a cardio workout and a quick skincare regime in the shower, and then off I go into the working world. Fortunately, the facial cleansing brush LUNA 2 - which is available in four varieties to suit normal, oily, sensitive or combination skin - immediately slots into my life with ease, and I start using the silicone device while I’m washing my locks in the morning.

It’s super simple to use – all I have to do is remove any eye make-up, wet my face and apply my usual cleansing product - that until now I’ve used with my hands (don't @ me). Next, I wet the brush surface and turn it on, activating the Cleansing Mode. And then I’m off, taking the pulsating silicone facial brush around each area of my face. Just FYI, there are 12 intensities on LUNA 2, which allows you to customise your cleansing routine. 

I’m 26 (fine, 27 in two weeks) and delaying the approaching 30-years-old process is high on my to-do list. LUNA 2 comes to the rescue with its anti-aging massage - all I have to do is activate the relevant mode, press the specially-designed anti-aging surface onto wrinkle-prone areas and massage for a minute. Once finished, I just rinse and dry my face. 

Disclaimer: after one use my skin felt unbelievably soft, and even more surprisingly, when applying my toner afterwards, I noticed there was no makeup or dirt residue left, not even this veil left by my foundation when only using micellar water.

I take my skin seriously – I always take my make-up off, use good quality products and wash my beauty sponges – but I honestly didn’t realise what a difference this next-generation piece of kit would make.

After a few uses, my skin looked luminous, my blemishes were minimised and blackheads around my nose MIA. Also, I loved knowing how incredibly hygienic cleansing device is (silicone resists bacteria buildup making it 35 times more hygienic that standard cleansing brushes). The best part of the LUNA 2 is its versatility from cleansing to massaging device. The massage feature not only relaxes after a long day but is also Anti-aging and helps my skincare to penetrate my skin.

The facial massager LUNA 2 is quite simply the smartest cleansing brush I've ever tried and put simply, I’m not giving the sample back.

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