This Summer's Blockbusters...

So many hot guys, too many masks covering their faces
This Summer's Blockbusters...

Everyone complains that, with all its sequels and reboots, Hollywood doesn't do anything original anymore. To which we say: agree but also disagree! There is something weirdly creative about finding a way for not one or two but THREE popcorn flicks to feature a surprisingly moody monster villain.

Behold our not-at-all-overly-complicated-diagram:

Hitting theaters this summer:

1. Avenger:Endgame - April 26

2. The Hustle - May 10

3. Aladdin- May 24

4. Godzilla: King Of The Monster- May 31

5. Dark Phoenix- June 7

6. Men In Black:International- June 14

7. Child's Play- June 21

8. Toy Story 4 - June 21

9. The Lion King- July 19

10. Dora And The Lost City Of Gold- August 2

11. It Chapter Two- September 6 

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