Kim Kardashian Is Selling Her Clothes Online And They Ship To The UAE

Plus a portion of proceeds go to charity
Kim Kardashian Is Selling Her Clothes Online And They Ship To The UAE

Kim Kardashian's fashion sense is a bit like Marmite. You know, you either love it or you hate it. And while I'm the first to admit she can get it really wrong, you can't deny the soon-to-be-lawyer seriously slays sometimes. 

The recent mother of four has been studying to be a lawyer for a while now, and the career changed inspiration came from helping release a 63-year-old grandmother, Alice Marie Johnson, from prison - plus 17 more inmates - last month. Now, this is the good work we like to see flooding our newsfeeds. 

Still on this mission to further hew lawyer-ing career and enforce justice, Kim's selling her clothes on eBay to raise money for a justice reform project. It's called 'The Buried Alive Project' and is an organisation that's pushing for a change in the US justice system, particularly with life without parole sentences. 

Kim Kardashian clothes on Ebay

Up for grabs are almost a whopping 200 items from her wardrobe, including a Burberry jacket, Dior heels and Louis Vuitton boots, to give you a taste.

If you want more than just a taste, the items ship to the U.A.E, so you can be strutting around Downtown styled in something straight out of Kim K's closet! Doesn't get more chic than that, does it?

We had a quick scan of the fab pieces and here are the items with the most bids:

1. A CELINE Beige Tote Bag

tote bag

2. An Alexander Wang Sleeveless Black Dress

kim k dress

3. A Chanel Gold Purse

kim k purse

Unsurprisingly, the items from Kim's closet don't come cheap, but they're deffs worth the splurge! Let the bidding wars begin. 

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