Veneers 101: How To Get That Hollywood Smile

The secret to the getting the smile of your dreams
Veneers 101: How To Get That Hollywood Smile

If you want a perfect set of pearly whites, you can get ‘em just about anywhere. But there’s a lot of stuff you’ve got to know before you take the plunge. Dr Amit Asudani, one of the region’s leading Invaslign specialists, tells you everything to get the smile of your dreams!

Crooked teeth are totally a thing of the past these days. Everyone, we mean absolutely everyone, has a perfect set of sparkling whites thanks to a magical invention – veneers. While they’re absolutely fabulous, you’ve got to be careful what you’re getting into. After all, these are your teeth you’re messing with. Cosmo sat down with Dr Amit to get you the lowdown on all things veneers before you splurge on a set of pearly whites.

Cosmo: What Are Veneers?
Dr Amit: Dental veneers are wafer-thin, porcelain shells that are custom-made and uniquely tailored to fit your teeth. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth, changing their colour, shape, size, or length - adding the perfect aesthetic to your smile. You may have heard the term ‘porcelain veneers’ or ‘dental laminates’, they’re all the same.

C: What can veneers do?
A: If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have a perfect smile, Veneers can literally change that in a day. Not only do they uplift the shape, texture, size & character of your teeth, but they also add an appealing impact to your overall face composition when you smile.


C: Who are the best candidate for veneers?
A: Anyone who has straight and aligned teeth, that is looking for an upgrade, would be the best candidate. Having aligned teeth makes the whole process a lot more non-invasive and conservative. Imagine cutting off your teeth just to attain a perfect smile, that would be overwhelming!

C: What if I don’t have straight and aligned teeth?
A: Well, then it’s not the end of your journey. All you need is to have an Invisalign treatment to correct your alignment, and voila - the journey to Veneers can begin.

C: How long do veneers last for?
A: Veneers usually last around for 10 to 15 years, as long as, you make sure they are regularly checked and maintained. It’s like taking care of a car, or your routine Mani-Pedi with a technician!

C: Is it permanent?
A: Yes, however at some point, you would have to trade them in for a fresh set. Just as you would for acrylic nails.

C: Is it painful?
A: Not at all, if your teeth are straight then the whole process is painless, however if they aren't, getting veneers can cause a little discomfort, not painful for sure.

C: What are the things u should mention to your dentist before getting veneers?
A: I usually ask my patients what they ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ about their teeth. I keep what they like, and work on the ‘dislikes’. That being said, you should also mention a particular smile you have in mind. The challenge lies in creating that smile keeping your face in mind. Think of it as enhancing your already ideal facial symmetry.

C: How is the perfect smile makeover made?
A: No two smiles are the same. Every smile makeover is different. I design each smile on 2 pillars:
1) Micro pillars  - your dressing style, your profession, your favorite lipstick shade, your hair color and your personality.
2) Macro pillars - your facial feature, your skin tone, your eye color, your natural hair colour and your typical body physique.

Once all these features are studied, I start designing the smile, that suits not only the face but the overall look on you. PS: each and every detail from these pillars has a vital role in crafting that beautiful smile.


C: How long does the procedure take?
A: It takes two to three visits from start to finish. It starts with a consultation and a detailed visual assessment, then teeth preparation, and on your third visit, your smile is ready to take over the world.

C: Are you removing a lot from the tooth?
A: Ideally no. The aim is to be very minimal on “prep”, aka shaving your tooth. If you are advised that a lot of your teeth will be shaved off, then you should know that it is because your teeth need alignment prior. For example: if you have crooked, overcrowded or large teeth, there’s a chance your dentist will advise to shave off your teeth. If you visit your dentist with with aligned (even almost) straight teeth, or small gaps in your teeth - veneers can be placed with minimal prep to your natural tooth.

C: Do veneers cause sensitivity?
A: I won’t lie to you… although not very common, there’s a chance it would cause sensitivity. It relies on how much tooth has been cut. If they are cut a lot then you can expect a mild- moderate amount of sensitivity. This is why I’d always recommend to get your teeth straightened before going into veneers - it’s the secret to a pain-free smile.


C: Are my teeth going to look fake?
A: The whole crux on what I do on teeth than most, is to make them look like a part of you, more like blend in with your face, major part of my work is to always add the element of naturalness in most of my smile makeovers. So the answer to that is a big NO.

C: Can I customise my veneers?
A: YES! That’s the fun part about giving you veneers, getting a smile customized to your look and feel.

C: How do I know which shade/color would suit me?
A: Try to visit your dentist / dental practice with abundant sunlight once there, chose a shade u really like and then try at least 2 shades above and 2 shades below.

C: I got veneers, what next?
A: Maintain and practice a smart diet, avoid biting into hard food harshly, brush and floss them daily, and go visit your dentist 2-3 times a year.


C: Are Veneers are expensive?
A: Depends, what counts as expensive (smiles)? In most cases, yes. Let’s just say the cheaper the veneers, the cheaper the quality, and even cheaper look and feel.

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