Huda Beauty Just Dropped Tantour And Changed Our Lives For The Better

“Contouring is dead; it’s all about Tantouring”
Huda Beauty Just Dropped Tantour And Changed Our Lives For The Better

Huda Beauty is on a roll. The beauty brand only dropped N.Y.M.P.H. (Not Your Mama’s Panty Hose) a body shimmer on April 22, and now she's released Tantour. We are, quite simply, shook. 

It’s absolutely fascinating how Huda Kattan's mind works. She thinks of things we didn’t even know we needed, and now we don’t know how we’ve lived our lives this long without it. So, let's talk about Tantour. It’s a luxurious cream-to-powder contour and bronzer cream, all in one. Yep, you read that right. Contouring and bronzing have come together, courtesy of Huda Beauty, to give you that naturally chiselled look.

Here's what the Tantour looks like:

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The Tantour retails at Dhs135

“We created Tantour because I’ve never been super happy with contour or bronzer shades on the market. The contouring shades always feel a bit too grey or muddy and bronzers tend to feel too orange. So, my team and I thought, why don’t we just combine the two?”

– Huda Kattan

It'll give you the shadow effect from contouring and the warmth from a bronzer, with a matte glow. The deeply pigmented formula comes in five shades that allow you the flexibility to opt for either a subtle glow to a soft contour or even something a bit deeper and dramatic. 

The rich and creamy shades are super blendable and last up to 12 hours. We all know we need this kind of commitment from our make-up now that the Dubai summer heat is kicking in. And get this; it's also water-resistant and sweatproof, making the Tantour our summer must-have make-up product in our beauty bags, at all times. 

Huda Beauty's team has even mentioned that the Tantour is "Dubai-proof" and we stan. 

Feast your eyes on their various shade ranges. 

Tantour swatches

  • Fair: A neutral honey shade, that's recommended for fair to light complexions.
  • Light: A soft caramel shade, that's recommended for light to medium complexions.
  • Medium: A neutral mocha shade, that's recommended for medium to tan complexions.
  • Tan: A deep cocoa shade, that's recommended for deep tan to rich complexions.
  • Rich: A deep mahogany shade, that's recommended for rich to ultra-rich complexions.

Oh, and the team didn't stop there. Oh no. Huda's gang have even launched an expertly-crafted Huda Beauty Sculpt & Shade brush to help you apply the Tantour to perfection. 

Tantour brush

The brush retails at Dhs110

Now, you may be wondering how exactly do you Tantour because it's not exactly been part of our make-up routine before. No fear, simply follow the steps below and Tantour right:

Using the smaller side of the Huda Beauty Sculpt & Shade brush, apply Tantour in dots along the contours of each side of the face: cheek bones, forehead, and jawline.

With the fluffy side of the brush or using a beauty sponge, blend well for an all-over healthy finish.
You can build to desired intensity.

Huda’s tips:
Use the brush in circular upward motions for a flawless finish.

Another Huda tip:
She likes to use her fingers for more free range of motion when applying the Tantour. Watch and learn.

The Huda Beauty Tantour and Sculpt & Shade Brush will be available online on May 8 and in-store on May 17. You can shop them on, Sephora, Boutiqaat, Alshaya, Harvey Nichols (KSA), Debenhams (KSA).

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