Real Talk, Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Got Married Last Night!

Real Talk, Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Got Married Last Night!

So, the Billboard Music Awards happened last night. No big deal, it happens every year. This time around, Drake broke the record for most Billboard awards of all time, the Jonas Brothers performed, Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie hit the stage with their new song 'ME!', and Korean pop band, BTS’ Jungkook brought his own snacks to the award show. So far, so standard (in celeb world).

And then our lives changed forever. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner decided to get married Las Vegas style. Like, WHAT! Who allowed this to happen without telling us? What happened to a summer wedding in France?

Also, this wedding is Stark-ly (bit of GOT humour there for you) different from his brother Nick's, who had an elaborate celebration that seemingly lasted years.


Word spread about the pair getting hitched after musician and DJ Diplo posted about it on his Instastory. Is Diplo Joe and Sophie's makeshift wedding videographer because if so, we need a minute.

This was us after we spent a good hour online stalking every website to get a sneak peak of the impromptu ceremony because, duh.


So, after we freaked out for a good *state unnecessarily overdramatic amount of time here*, we calmed ourselves and did a little bit of digging. Here's what we know so far. 

1. They got married in a wedding chapel in L.A

Umm, so this isn't quite exactly the summer wedding in France Joe spoke about when he was giving us details about his wedding on The Late Late Show with James Corden, but we'll take what we can get. Also, all these videos of Joe and Sophie are giving us major Ross and Rachel vibes from when they got married in Las Vegas during an episode of Friends, so we're happy. 

2. An Elvis Presley impersonator officiated the ceremony

Joe and Sophie elected for an Elvis impersonator to officiate their wedding and it's such a refreshing change in pace from the traditional wedding, in our opinion. The pair love their practical jokes and have the best banter so it's only fitting they be married in this way (although we'd love to know what Sophie's parents had to say of this). 

3. Country music duo Dan + Shay performed their hit song 'Speechless'

'Speechless', performed by the hit due Dan + Shay is a beautiful song to walk down the aisle to, no doubt, and again, Sophie strays away from the traditionalwedding route. You go girl. 

4. There were no wedding rings, but there were ring pops 

A wedding band and a snack all in one? Sounds perfect, tbh. The pair exchanged ring pops after their vows and we can't get over how cute this all is. 

5. The guest list was super intimate

Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones actress and Maid of Honour as appointed by Sophie was not in attendance at this small ceremony, which leads us to believe their summer wedding in France will carry on as planned. The entire Jonai clan however, seemed to be in attendance from the likes of Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, Danielle Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. 

Here's the happy couple after getting hitched and can we say this picture is so on brand:

Congratulations to the goofiest, cutest couple ever!

P.S. Still can't believe this actually happened. 

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