Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards: Epic Advice From Our Entrepreneur Nominees

Boss babe energy all around!
Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards: Epic Advice From Our Entrepreneur Nominees

We’re feeling majorly inspired and elevated after our very successful Be The Boss panel discussion that took place yday. If you know, you know. 

In fact, we feel very motivated to take on our dreams and make them into a reality. We’d like to follow in the example of these strong women who did just that by marching to their own beat and self-started themselves, quite fruitfully.

Meet our Entrepreneurs:

1. Dana Al Tuwarish @daneeda_t

Not only does she run her own line of salons, she's also racked up over two million Instagram followers, through her keen eye for all-things fashion and beauty. 

Dana's words: "Beauty is about confidence, it's not about the way you look - it's how you see yourself that matters." 

2. Dana Woolley Zayat @doooonie

The Lebanese It-girl always has all eyes on her and her absolutely luxurious wedding dress was a clear cut indication of this. 

Dana's words: "I learned a lot of things from my engagement [to her husband Samer]. I learned that, if I ask for people's opinons, I'm going to end up doing what they like and not what I like.'" 

3. Karen Wazen Bakhazi @karenwazenb

She started her sunglasses brand @bykarenwazen, less than a year ago and it’s already been spotted all around the globe and been regularly sold out. We have major respect for this bold lady. 

Karen's words: "Family values are definitely very important to me. I have a poster in my house that says ‘Balance’ because to me, this is my ultimate goal of every journey – to find the right balance. "

4. Lana El Sahely @lanaelsahely

Lana was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa where she grew up inspired by her mother's passion for fashion, and founded the ever successful platform, L'Armoire De Lana.

Lana's words: "Having a peaceful relationship with the rest of the world is very important. There’s so much aggression and negativity out there, and I look at our family and we’ve never looked at the world in this way.  We don’t judge others and I think it’s nice. I think the kind way we deal with other people is one of the best things they [her parents] taught us."

5. Mariam Yeya @mrskeepa

Launching her own label, Mrs Keepa, in 2016 and this fearless woman rose tot he top of her ranks becoming one of the Middle East’s best-dressed women. 

Mariam's words: "I've always believed that what we wear is what we want to communicate to people. If you decide to wear a plain black suit, that says something about your personality. If you don’t want to put effort into dressing up, that says something too."

The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards are tonight, people! Stay tuned for Cosmo updates on socials.

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