Y'all Better Step It Up For My Birthday, Cause Kylie Jenner Got Travis Scott a Literal Billboard For His

Happy birthday, Travis!
Y'all Better Step It Up For My Birthday, Cause Kylie Jenner Got Travis Scott a Literal Billboard For His

  • Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott celebrated the rapper's 28th birthday last weekend (it's actually today, FYI).
  • Kylie got Travis a giant billboard for the occasion, complete with a sweet message from her and Stormi.

Oh, do your friends and family still only get you cards to wish you a happy birthday? That's cute, cause Kylie Jenner rents out a huge billboard to write her S.O a birthday message.

Kylie and Travis Scott (that whole are-they-or-aren't-they engaged thing still isn't clear) celebrated his 28th birthday on Friday with an Avengers-themed party, complete with a screening of the new Endgame movie that you probably waited hours in line to get a ticket for. There were enough snacks to fill a real movie theater, and a cake with miniature versions of Kylie, Travis, and their daughter Stormi.

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Travis, Kylie, and Stormi also all dressed up as characters from the film/made up their own superhero personas (Kylie was Captain Lip Kit and Travis was Iron Flame), and Stormi looked precious as a little squee-worthy Thor, complete with a tiny hammer and cape. And because everyone should see this cuteness, here are pics:

But throwing an incredibly on-point bday party wasn't all that Kylie did for Travis' birthday—she also made sure that even people driving around on the street knew that it was Travis' special day with a billboard. She wrote: "Happy Birthday Daddy Love, Mommy and Stormi xo." There was also a giant photo of Stormi's head and one of Kylie kissing Stormi. Luckily, some people posted photos of the billboard on Twitter:

And while this is very extra, it's not super surprising. After all, the Kardashians have a history of giving and getting some pretty extravagant gifts, like when Kayne West got Kim Kardashian a $14 million (Dhs51,422,420) condo for Christmas (that she returned, lol) or when Kendall Jenner bought herself a $100,000 (Dhs367,303) vintage Corvette convertible for her birthday.

So now the question is: will you ever be able to see a measly birthday card in the same way?

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