A 50-shade Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation range is coming

Oh my days
A 50-shade Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation range is coming

Every other week we're told about an upcoming foundation launch that sounds like it's gonna rock our world. Tbh, it's been hard to keep up and with so many of them boasting an enormous breadth of shades, we're feeling pretty spoilt for choice. One brand that's really taken us by surprise, is our beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills. So far they've had a busy start to the year, dropping not one but four new insane products, including a palette to die for, loose highlighters and brow gel our arches have personally thanked us for. They've also got a shimmering body oil on the way. PHEW.

Now it seems, they've stepped it up a gear and have huge plans to put out the mother of all foundations. Oh yes, it's on. ABH's president Claudia Soare (Norvina) took to Twitter to spill the tea: "This is where all my weekends have gone lately ☺️ set life getting ready for these foundations."

She then uploaded a video showcasing a wall of model phots ranging from light to dark complexions. Speaking on the formulas, Norvina said: "It’s liquid and dewy it's the most skin like foundation it doesn’t even need to be set." In other words, it's our dreaaaam. Posting a picture of the box, we also got a sneak peak of what else is to come and we must say - the line up is looking pretty good.

Determined to have all 50 shades in store, she went on to express her frustration with retailers who aren't prepared to stock them and asked for the help of her fans. "Also would be great if you guys could support me by telling these retailers that I really do need all 50 shades in the store cause I’m getting some pushback from some and I don’t want to give in," said Norvina.

Fans clearly rose to the challenge, as a day later, she Tweeted to say that some of the stores had changed their minds: "Already received calls from some retailers about taking the full range you guys did big things today." Go us!

Another thing Norvina seemed set on getting right was the shade selection process. Reaching out to her followers once again, she Tweeted: "Ok real talk, this is major anxiousness right now. How do we help customers choose their shade? From an education perspective I need advice"

People were quick to respond with their ideas and some of them are pretty good, tbh.

Norvina also took to her Instagram to share the news with her 1.4 million followers and added a few extra claims that didn't manage to make the box because they ran out of room.

Only three months to go till the big reveal and we are SO STOKED. No news yet of when the actual launch date will be, but we will of course let you know as soon as we know. EEEK.

H/T Cosmo UK