Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards: 5 Times Our Fitness & Well-being Nominees Motivated Us To Move

Because summer bodies are made in, erm, summer?
Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards: 5 Times Our Fitness & Well-being Nominees Motivated Us To Move

If the beads of sweat trickling down your forehead weren’t telling enough, summer is nearly here. But no need to freak about fitting into that bikini during summer travels, as our fitness bloggers are here to give you tips on how to get your body toned and summer-ready. Phew...

1. Karen Mattar - @karenmattar

Karen shows us how to let go of all that tension and stress in her nifty little video. She takes us through some nimble yoga flows (which anyone can attempt no matter what your level) with such grace and poise.  If only we were that elegant and didn't flop around everywhere when we attempted these poses. Sigh. 

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Yoga flow to release tension in your shoulders and back + getting them more mobile. Save the video and try it later. And tag someone who would benefit from this. Let me know how you feel after trying it. . Repeat the flow for 2-3 rounds or more if you need to. Whenever there is a hold, hold the posture for 3 to 5 long deep breaths. . I created a flow for all levels so that it’s relatable for everyone. The last video I posted of yoga for lower back pain got saved by more than 5000 people! This one will help you as weS: the video is sped up x 4 . If you want the real time flow, let me know in the comments and I will post it. . You support me and I support you as weLocation: @sevenofficial_

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2. Megan Joy Mileham - @meganjoy.m

Megan's motivational post about finally accomplishing a handstand press because she kept at it and didn't give up is serious #inspo. We're going to put this new-found enthusiasm to work out to good use ASAP (although the handstand might be slightly ambitious).

3. Raha Moharrak - @rahamoharrak

Extreme sports like rock climbing are exactly this fitness influencer's cup of tea, and Raha demonstrates her love for adventure and an adrenaline rush in this video. She inspires us to push our boundaries and explore new things. #adventurepending.

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When I arrived in Malta, I unexpectedly found myself in climbing gear! A friend connected me to the local climbing community so I could try rock climbing. They were so welcoming, and they rushed to lend me their gear, since I didn’t have mine with me. And it was a pleasure to work with James who is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Along the way, I learned that climbing has a rich history on the island. Fishermen would scale dangerous cliffs to find hidden fishing spots, or collect eggs. Because of that history, rock climbing is still seen as an extreme sport, but people like James are slowly changing that notion. Malta is definitely a great spot for beginners and experienced climbers alike. It is also an incredible place for adventure generally. James’s website: #shotoniphone #malta #rockclimbing #worldnomad #naturalhair #newadventures

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4. Tracy Harmoush - @tracyharmoush

Here, Tracy tells us it's completely natural to fall out of your fitness regime and to lose track of the progress you made. It happens to everyone. The trick is getting back into it and she says that "it's part of the fun to build yourself back up again". So this is for all of you who've fallen off the health wagon and can't find the motivation to get back up. You got this! 

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5. Zoe Andersen - @zoehappyfit

If you've been using the fact that you don't live near to a gym, or have access to one, as an excuse to not workout, Zoe's calling you out. Yep, her posts detail exactly how you can about keeping toned and in shape with just a broom, some bottles of water and a wash cloth. Working out can be that simple! 

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