This Is Why Fans Think Huda Beauty Is Going To Drop A Bronzer Soon

PLEASE be true
This Is Why Fans Think Huda Beauty Is Going To Drop A Bronzer Soon

Our fave local beauty mogul, Huda Kattan - AKA founder of Huda Beauty - is out here working day and night while we sleep, to bring us only the best beauty creations we’ve known till date. Srsly, we need to have at least three Huda Beauty make-up products in our beauty bags or we can't leave the house. 

And, now the cosmetics company posted a video of Huda Kattan doing her make-up with the caption, "Launching something new this week". 

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Apparently there are hints in the tutorial video and we (along with Huda's loyal fans) feel we've uncovered the big beauty secret. 

Here's what we've gathered so far:

1. Huda Beauty doesn't have any bronzers in their beauty bank so it may finally be time for them to be adding this to their amazing make-up line. 

2. 'Tis the season. It's getting warmer here in the Middle East and the sun's really shining out here. Yknow what that means, it's time to get that bronzed babe look and Huda could be looking to sort us gals out with this new drop of hers. 

3. In the video, Huda clearly shows the products she was using to paint her face clearly. All except for the bronzer, of which we were only shown an obscure pot with no labels or anything. Hmm...

4. The fans have spoken:

Rest assured we'll be obsessed with whatever Huda and her team decide to drop this week.

Now, for the difficult part: waiting for the drop. 


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