11 Funny Exam Answers That Are So Wrong Yet So Right

If the exam subject had been 'lolz', these students would've nailed it
11 Funny Exam Answers That Are So Wrong Yet So Right

While these out-of-the-box exam answers probably won't win the candidates an A* for academic performance, they definitely gained a laugh and A+ from us for creative. Some of them are so, so wrong, they're almost right.

1. Fair point

Exam answer

2. It's "my dog ate my homework" for creative types

Exam fails

3. Imaginative

Exam LOLs

4. Threatening violence is never the answer (except for this guy)

Student Fails

5. Now there's some phishing we can get behind

Student Fails

6. Waa!

Funny Answers

7. Well, he's not wrong. Not really...

Student LOLs

8. Yep, that's definitely the answer


9. This is TOO CUTE to be wrong

Student Answers

10. OH NO

Funny Exam Answers

11. We're saying nothing.

Funny Student Answers

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