Ariana Grande’s Coachella Performance Was Important And I'll Tell You Why

Beyoncé who?
Ariana Grande’s Coachella Performance Was Important And I'll Tell You Why

Ariana Grande is often placed in the 'generic pop' music genre category, and loyal fans (myself included) have protested for, like, ever, shouting as loud as we can about how incredibly talented she is.

Obviously, Ariana really outdid herself during her first headlining show at Coachella, and she's proved what we fans knew already: she's the role model of our generation. Yep, deep, I know - but it's true.

Ari has become the youngest woman to headline at the Coachella Music and Arts festival (there have only been four before her, but we won't go there today), and we couldn’t be more upset that we weren’t there to witness it all go down. It was the night of all nights and there are countless posts on social media to prove it, some even capturing Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber grooving to Ari's performance together #FOMO. 

The 25-year-old opened with the powerful, ‘God is a woman’ tune from her Sweetener album in acapella, which is such a brave move and she absolutely slayed. In my opinion, it's also making a massive statement of female power. Yas. Other songs the singer opted for were, 'bad idea', 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' from the 'thank u, next' album and 'Be Alright' from Sweetener. 

Just when we all thought she couldn't get any better, Ariana announced these words to the crowd: "I’ve been rehearsing my whole life for this moment". It was at that point the members of 90s boy band, NSYNC (minus JT), joined Ari on stage. So very epic! They then proceeded to sing all the songs we love like, 'It Makes Me Ill' and the classic 'Tearing Up My Heart'

Ariana fit right in with the boys, busting out all the sick NSYNC choreography and being an utter professional. They made quite the dream team. Also, can we talk about Joey Fatone carrying Ariana across the stage? Ugh, so many feels.

But Ari wasn't done surprising the Coachella crowd, because she had more amazing tricks up her perfectly ruffled sleeves. Dressed in a stunning tiara and her statement high ponytail, Ariana bopped off to whip out the fierce, Nicki Minaj. There's no denying that these two on a stage together is absolute fire. 

Other 90's nostalgia that Ariana blessed her fans with Sunday night included, 'Mo Money, Mo Problems' and she had none other than Diddy and Mase to help her make it all happen. She accompanied the banger with her own song, 'Break Your Heart Right Back'. 

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Amidst all the polished costume changes, synchronised choreography and guest appearances, Ariana managed to keep her chill and deliver the most amazing performances ever. Ofc she couldn't leave Coachella without singing every girl's power anthem atm, 'thank u, next'.

It's safe to say that the crowd went absolutely wild for her and Arichella was a massive success. The best part about Arichella though has to be how happy it made her. After the tough couple of months she had last year and when she revealed by posting about her brain scan that she did suffer PTSD after the tragic events in Manchester; she deserves this moment of pure euphoria. 

Well done, Ariana. We can't wait to see you back on tour! 

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