Hailey Bieber Has Neon-Yellow Hair in New Instagram Pics

Umm, so do I get highlighter-yellow hair now too?
Hailey Bieber Has Neon-Yellow Hair in New Instagram Pics

  • New pics from an Adidas campaign show Hailey Bieber with a neon-yellow bob and super-dark roots.
  • Reminder that virtually every celebrity is now a wig convert, so there’s a high chance this hair change is actually a fake out. Womp.

It’s the season of celebrity hair changes: First, Kim Kardashian had thick, blunt-cut bangs and now, Hailey Bieber has bright-yellow, fluorescent hair. What a wild, wild world we live in.

Last night, Hailey posted a picture of her Adidas campaign to her Instagram Stories, with no caption (although, to be fair, her abs kinda say a billion words on their own, so) but with a definitively different hairstyle: a highlighter-yellow bob. Like, the kind of color you wish you had during your emo-girl days.

In the photo is Hailey’s hairstylist Florido of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, who also posted a video of the neon creation to his Insta Stories.

Considering Hailey didn’t lose a foot of her hair last night, it’s safe to assume that the yellow hair change is just a wig moment, just like Kim’s blunt bangs from earlier this season.

Still, one pic of Hailey from the shoot does seem a little “ehhh? Ehhhhh?”: a photo in which the model has platinum-looking hair a few shades lighter than her usual shade.

Again, it’s completely possible that this white-blonde dye job is also a wig or just the result of some really intense color editing, but still, I’m into the blonde update. Cosmo has reached out to Florido for details on the multihued hair changes and to confirm/deny pure sorcery, but for now, I’m putting this in the feel-cute-might-remove-the-wig-later pile.

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