Sophie Turner Just Revealed Who She’s Chosen As Her Maid Of Honour

Also, stick around for Jonas/Turner wedding deets
Sophie Turner Just Revealed Who She’s Chosen As Her Maid Of Honour

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is set to marry Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers this summer, according to what Joe announced on The Late Late Show With James Corden last month, and let’s just say it was a moment of relief for fans everywhere.

The pair got engaged over a year ago, showing no signs of tying the knot anytime soon (not until recently) and frankly I was just plain worried. So, you can imagine how relieved fans (and myself, ofc) were when Joe told James Corden that their wedding is in fact in the works.

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I said yes.

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And that's not all. We also now know who Sophie’s chosen to be her Maid Of Honour and my lil Stark heart is so happy rn. It’s none other than her cast mate for the last ten years, Maisie Williams. Maisie plays Arya Stark, alongside Sophie (who plays Sansa Stark) in HBO’s wildly popular show (a gross understatement), Game of Thrones.

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there were never such devoted sisters

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As if the sisters reuniting in Season 7 (Oops, spoiler alert for those who haven’t caught up yet. Also, why haven’t you caught up yet?) wasn’t enough to melt our cold hearts, this definitely is. The duo have been two peas in a pod, as they did grow up on together on set, being only kids when they started filming the Thrones.

Sophie was merely 13 and Maisie was 10 when Season one of GOT was shot. I mean, just take a look at this and understand that their friendship is real, as it really has stood the test of time. 

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Who’s your favorite Stark sister? -

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Sophie was on Entertainment Tonight when she said: "I don't know why she's [speaking about Maisie] thinking about [what she's wearing to my wedding]. I'm giving her the bridesmaid dress! She's my Maid Of Honour! One of two."

How sweet is that? We may never see another Stark wedding happen on the show but at least now we can have some of our Stark cravings satisfied. 

Here are some other deets we know about the Jonas/Turner wedding bash:

1. It's going to be a summer wedding in France. 

The wedding invite was leaked by life coach Mike Bayer in a now-deleted tweet. It's giving us major GOT vibes with the beautiful calligraphy and super realistic, official-looking seal. Fancy. 

2. Sophie's wedding dress might potentially be Louis Vuitton. 

This is merely an assumption going off the fact she is the face of the French fashion powerhouse. She has also become quite close with Nicolas Ghesquière, the brand's artistic director. If her engagement ring was any indication of what we can hope to expect, Sophie's wedding dress is definitely going to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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#LouisVuitton #LVconnected

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3. The wedding will be low-key, nothing like the PeeCee/Nick J wedding. 

When Joe was speaking about his wedding on The Late Late Show he mentioned not having his wedding during a snowstorm like his older brother Kevin did - and not having a ceremony that feels like "18 weddings", like his younger brother Nick did. "One and done", Joe said and - Sophie told Harper's Bazaar UK that she wanted her wedding to be "an intimate thing". Does that mean we can't expect to see the entire GOT cast at the reception... not even the Direwolves?  

4. I think it's a given who the groomsmen will be. 

Another given: how 'Cool' the boys are going to look, all suited and booted ready to marry off their brother to Lady Stark of Winterfell. Nick, Kevin and Frankie Jonas will make excellent groomsmen for Joe. 

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5. Could the Jonas Brothers possibly perform at the wedding?

We can only hope. Here's hoping their first dance is to the timeless classic, 'Lovebug'. 

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