The Jonas Brothers Are Releasing Another Song And We’re So Ready

Everybody stay ‘Cool’
The Jonas Brothers Are Releasing Another Song And We’re So Ready

Are you still ‘Burnin’ Up’ from the aftermath of the first Jo Bros single, 'Sucker', following their glorious reunion? Well, ‘Hold On’ to your seats because they’re about to release another single. And this one’s called ‘Cool’. Cool. 

They’ve been teasing the single’s artwork on their Instagram page, and seeing the boys in their Hawaiian shirts and Aviator shades is getting us super pumped for it. From the looks of it, this could potentially be our next summer jam…

If it's anything as good as 'Sucker' is, then we're definitely in for a treat. The guys have been busy in the studio creating some sweet melodies for us and we're just so grateful. Here's a small snippet they shared on Twitter, as a preview for their next big single.

One thing's for sure, it's uber catchy.

The single is set to release on Friday, March 5, which is tomorrow. No big deal. We've only got less than 24 hours until 'Cool' drops. If you need to find us during the next day or so, this is exactly how we'll be:


Maybe that's why the Jo Bros were on a yacht recently with their main women (they were found grooving to some catchy Kacey Musgraves beats). It was definitely a vibe. It could've been a celebratory cruise in light of them finishing not one but two successful singles. 

Either way, we can't wait to hear their latest track and will be on the edge of our seats until further notice. 

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