Umm, Ariana Grande Is Releasing New Music This Week And We Need A Min To Process

Fr tho, does this girl ever sleep?
Umm, Ariana Grande Is Releasing New Music This Week And We Need A Min To Process

Have you spent hours on The Gram stalking Ariana’s Sweetener/thank u next tour because you couldn’t physically be there but you know in spirit you are? Same. Our girl’s been at work, serving fans with the most perfectly choreographed performances and ofc her angelic vocals. Jealous can't even begin to describe what we're feeling rn. 

If you’ve been to one of her shows, then you know that she makes sure you have the time of your life. After spending countless hours researching her current tour, it all just looks like one massive dance party. How fun, right? Here she is performing an unreleased track with her BFF, Victoria Monet, 'Got Her Own';

She's always going out of her way to ensure her fans are getting the best possible experience - and she doesn’t just stop there.

Now, she’s woken up and decided that she wants to release new music, and it’s not even been a whole two months since she dropped her album, ‘thank u next’! Not that we're complaining.

What we know so far is that the song's called 'Monopoly' and she will be collaborating with her '7 Rings' bestie, Victoria Monet. 

The pair have been teasing the lyrics of the song on Twitter and not to be biased or anything but it sounds like a banger already. Ariana tweeted it:

"work so muuuuuch, need a twinny twin twin"

and Monet adding,

"You’d be straight for life if I gave you my pin."

Ariana then finished it up with:

"even tho we gave up that 90% for the win."

From our expert opinion, it sounds like this song is about working hard and getting that bread. We could all use an anthem like that to remind us to get out of bed every morning and get some dollar (or dirhams, if you will). It's an added benefit that Ari's the one who's delivering those sweet, sweet melodies, along with her equally-gifted comrade/“BESSSFREEEN”, Victoria Monet. 

Ariana seems super excited to drop this single as she was ready to release it last week:

However, the pair decided to drop it on Monday instead because the track wasn't entirely ready yet. Ari was just excited and who can blame her?

Also, Victoria has clarified that although the release date for the single falls on April Fools' Day, this in-fact is not a joke. We repeat, it is not a joke. PHEW! Close one. She replied to a fan saying:

"Lol didn’t even realize Monday was gonna be April fools, but it def ain’t a joke. It IS pretty funny though"

So, stay tuned for #MonopolyMonday, peeps! We'll see you tomorrow with more updates on the single. 

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