Here’s All We Know About The Live-Action Remake of Dumbo

Let’s talk abt the flying elephant in the room, shall we?
Here’s All We Know About The Live-Action Remake of Dumbo

Dumbo; no, not the insult that you throw around carelesssly at your siblings when they begin to get on your nerves. We’re talking about the hit Disney movie with the flying elephant that stole the hearts of many. Yknow the one where the young elephant, whose oversized ears enable him to fly, helped him save a struggling circus. Such a classic! 

Disney sanctioned a live-action remake of the cherished childhood treasure (and we were so grateful), and it's set to release in the Middle East this Friday.

In light of its release in cinemas, here’s everything you need to know about the film:

1. First of all, watch the trailer

I mean look at his adorable little face. Tears will flow and that’s a Cosmo guarantee.

2. Tim Burton will be directing the Masterpiece

This won’t be Burton’s first time directing a Disney movie as he’s directed The Fox and the Hound, The Black Cauldron and one of Disney's most successful live-action remakes, Alice in Wonderland.

3. It’s not a musical. 

But you can expect to hear some modern covers of the classic songs from the original Dumbo like; "Baby Mine," "When I See an Elephant Fly" and "Casey Jr."

4. Colin Farrel will play Holt Farrier

Yep, the Irish heartthrob himself will be hitting the big silver screen in Dumbo and is set to bring to live-action, the part of Holt Farrier. He’ll be portraying Dumbo’s caretaker, the war vet.

5. True Dumbo fans will appreciate this

You can catch this childhood classic at the VOX, NOVO and Roxy cinemas this weekend. Thank us later! 

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