If You’re A Woman In Tech Then Listen Up

Lenovo has shattered the glass ceiling and made it SUPER easy for you to shoot up to the top!
If You’re A Woman In Tech Then Listen Up
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Believe it or not, 33% of tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East are WOMEN – a number greater than Silicon Valley! So if you think the big, bad world of tech is not for you, thing again. Women In Leadership at Lenovo (WILL) – an awesome initiative designed to empower the next gen of women tech talents – is just the mentor you need.


Here’s everything you need to know about it:

1. WILL is Global:

WILL was founded in 2007 and is an employee resource group active in more than 40 countries worldwide!

2. WILL Shatters The Glass Ceiling:

Whether aiming to become a key stakeholder or decision maker, Lenovo aims to give women the tools needed to progress in the workplace and rise to senior positions with confidence. From engaging events to informative forums and workshops, WILL illustrates the career opportunities available for women in

one of the most rapidly growing sectors.

3. WILL Helps You:

Career advice, skills growth and development, mentoring, networking opps and community service activities are just some of the ways in which WILL engages Lenovo employees to think bigger 



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