I Tried Lady Gaga's Favourite Beauty Hack And Wow

See ya, chapped lips
I Tried Lady Gaga's Favourite Beauty Hack And Wow

I exfoliate my face and body - but lips? Erm, that seems a little unnecessary, doesn't it? Apparently not. Exfoliation is actually an important part of lip care, as we've all suffered from flaky bits (not the medical term) and dead skin cells on our lips.

And when we have these unwanted flakes, it means any balm we apply can't reach into our skin and hydrate it. Basically, we need to exfoliate then hydrate with balm.

Interesting, Lady Gaga's makeup artist Sarah Tanno has revealed her favourite beauty hack for achieving smooth lips on the A Star Is Born actress. She uses a DenTek OraBrush (available from Boots) to gently exfoliate her client's lips to create the perfect base for applying lipstick.


I decided to break the bank and purchase one for myself, and honestly wow. Using the tool in the morning made such a difference to my lip texture. They genuienly looked healthier. All you have to do is exfoliate your lips in small circular motions, making sure to be as gentle as possible when you scrub. After you’ve done a good scrub down, follow up with a good balm to keep your life hydrated and soft.

As well as the Orabrush as a tool for exfoliating, these are the lip scrubs loved by the world: 

Dr Apa Apa Lip Loofah – Dhs95

This gentle scrub derived from sugar and sweet almond seed buffs away dull skin to help reveal smoother, healthier looking lips. The main ingredients are Jojoba oil, shea butter and orange peel to help condition your lips and maintain moisture but also sugar and sweet almond seed to exfoliate.


Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub - Dhs59

A gentle lip scrub with more than a hint of mint humbug about it. Turn chapped lips into mint-choc chip lips: warming peppermint and sweet vanilla combine with real sugar crystals give your lips (and tastebuds) a service, leaving them primed for smooth lipstick application. As soon as you gently rub Mint Julips on your lips, you’ll feel its invigorating peppermint oil tingling away while the sugar crystals buff away any flaky skin.


Tarte Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant - Dhs75


Tarte's offering smooths and preps lips for the perfect pre-lipstick application, with suspended raw sugar granules that microexfoliate and buff away dead skin so your lips can drink in the goodness – simply buff, rinse, pucker, and repeat. Nourishing maracuja & shea butter sink deeply into your silky-smooth pout to help hydrate, firm and protect lips from future drying, cracking or chapping. Job done. 

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