Rainbow Hair Is The Trend Everyone Is Joining In On

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (coloured hair)
Rainbow Hair Is The Trend Everyone Is Joining In On

There’s a bright new hair trend on the scene and you’re going to want to be involved. Are you ready for it? Rainbow hair. That’s right. I’m talking hair that’s coloured all the different shades of the rainbow, from red to yellow to blue. Now doesn’t that sound absolutely wild?

It’s all the rage with the celebs. Just have a look for yourself:

1. Kim Kardashian West

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2. Halsey

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face 4 @vanityfair by @dendoll and @florido

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3. Cardi B

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Big Momma

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Don't they look super chic? We're all about being loud and proud at Cosmo. Think you can rock the rainbow hair look? Here's how you can get the look:

Step 1: Get yourself some hair dye

Here are some options you can opt for to get those rainbow tresses:

Purple Hair Dye

Lime Crime, Semi-Permamanent Hair Colour in 'Dilute' 
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Green Hair Dye

Lime Crime Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in 'Dirty Mermaid'
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Red Hair Dye

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi Permanent Hair Colour in 'Chocolate Cherry'
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Step 2: Section your hair 

You don't want the colours mixing together, do you?


Step 3: Use gloves to apply the dye

Make sure you wash the gloves before switching hair dyes. 


Step 4: Let it sit for 30 minutes for that perfect pastel shade

If you want a darker shade that lasts longer, let the dye sit in your hair for an hour or two before rinsing it off. 


Step 5: Rinse off until the water runs clear 

Don't forget to condition as well, to give your hair that extra TLC it needs after colouring. 


And ta-da! You've got yourself luscious rainbow-coloured locks. You're welcome, you beautiful unicorns. 

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