6 Awkward Life Moments We Can All Relate To

Accidental picture liking is the worst
6 Awkward Life Moments We Can All Relate To

Did you know that today, March 18, is officially Awkward Moments Day? If you did, I can't lie, that's a little odd. Moving on, for one day only we can outwardly celebrate all our cringe moments and come together to have a hearty laugh and then forget all of them. Forever.

Here is our collection of awkward #FAILS we all can relate to. If you don't, then you are a lucky lady. 

The Accidental Like

It almost always happens while you are stalking your crush, your ex or his new GF on Insta. Somehow, your finger slips and *GASP* you hit the 'like' button. And then you frantically hit it again to unlike and accidentally like it AGAIN *proceeds to hide in a hole in the ground for 10 years*.

“Sorry, What? I Can’t Hear You”

There is nothing worse than talking with someone and not hearing a single word they say. Even worse, you’ve been too far into the convo to ask, so you play along with it. And when they ask you something and you just smile and nod. Then they give you the look and you know that they just noticed that you have no clue what they said *awkward silence*.


Am I In The Right Class?

That moment when it’s still the beginning of the semester and you can’t remember your schedule, so you keep on going into the wrong classrooms. Then the profesor walks in and you notice you are wrong but now it’s too late and things are awkward. So, you decide to just sit through the class like, “Yep, sure. Looks like this is my class now.”

This is one that happened to me tons of times while in my first semester at uni. Sigh.

I Swear I’m Not Poor!

It’s an innocent day and you decide to go for a quick trip to the supermarket on your way home. You’re standing at the cashier with your milk, bread and KitKat (just me?) and the cashier scans it. Everything’s fine, until you grab your wallet. Then suddenly HEART ATTACK. You don’t have enough money on you. *Proceeds to nervously poke inside the wallet, pretending like you’re still searching*. The worst. 


This Is NOT The Ladies Bathroom.

Sometimes the signs at the bathrooms aren’t very clear. Are you getting my drift? It’s even worse when the place is empty so you don’t even notice at first, until you come out of the stall and suddenly there are guys washing their hands. AWWKWAAARD. *Runs out in panic*.


The Wave

We’ve all been there, on both sides of this ultra-cringe situation. Your friend is approaching you and you give them a wave with a huge smile. The guy standing in her direction thinks that wave was meant at HIM and returns a timid, unsure wave *turns tomato red*.
What an error.

To conclude this walk of shame: I hope y’all stay majestically awkward! And don’t forget, you are not alone and we’ve all been there, done that and wished we could return the T-shirt. Here’s to us goofballs. Love you guys. 


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