How To Create Salon Approved Chrome Nails In 3 Easy Steps

No one will know it's DIY
How To Create Salon Approved Chrome Nails In 3 Easy Steps

Let’s talk about nails. In my humble opinion, there is no better feeling than when you get a fresh manicure. It’s that magical moment when you feel you are getting your life together and have the power to conquer the world with your fly talons (just me?). 

In case it needs spelling out, I'm an absolute nail art fan. The crazier and louder the better. So, recently I've been on the hunt for my next big nail inspo and I discovered the chrome nail trend sported by big names like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner. Just like Ari said: “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.”

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What exactly are chrome nails, you ask? It’s a full nail design that makes your nails appear as if they have been dipped in liquid metal. The nails get a reflective, almost mirror-like finish that can range from full on metal to a soft iridescent sheen. Very cool. 

Plenty of nails studios across Dubai and beyond offer a professional chrome mani, but I’m on a student budget, so my DIY search continued - until I found these chrome nail powders by Essence. They come in three colours: miracle (a blue-pinkish colour), nothing to lose (red) and purple fiction (purple-bluish colour).

Needless to say I bought all of them, and at Dhs15 each they were a real steal.

Melted Chrome Nail Powder, Essence, Dhs15

Let’s try them

You need:

  • Black nail polish (a darker colour will make the colours really pop)
  • A little make-up applicator (for example an eyeshadow application wand with sponge tip) 
  • Water based top coat

Step 1

Apply a base colour all over your nails. If you use black, like I suggest, make sure to get a neat application. If the colour is not solid, apply a second coat and wait until it’s almost completely dry. If you touch it the colour should not transfer on your finger.

Tip: A smooth application is key here (no bubbles), otherwise the mirror effect won’t work!

Step 2

Pick a powder (I chose the colour 'miracle') and dip the make-up applicator in it. Slowly rub it onto the still-wet nail. Then let dry thoroughly.

Tip: Don’t apply too much pressure or you’ll wrinkle the polish underneath and then you need to start from the beginning. This happened several times to me *oops*.

Step 3

Gently rinse off any excess powder on your hands and pat dry. Now you can apply your top coat to seal the powder in place and get that nice chrome finish.

Tip: Only use a water based top coat! A regular, clear polish will smear the powder and you’ll end up with plain glitter nails. Still pretty but not what we are going for.

Taadaa! That's how easy it is to get super cool nails that look like you got them done at a fancy salon. Again, in the words of Ari, "Thank U, Next"

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