Commuters, Dubai Metro Music Festival Is Happening This Week

Leave your headphones at home
Commuters, Dubai Metro Music Festival Is Happening This Week

If you are wondering why saxophone and guitar players have been disrupting your podcast as you commute to work this week on the metro, allow us to explain: Duabi Metro Music Festival is happening and it's literally the coolest idea ever. 

Until the 23rd of March, five of Dubai's most famous metro stations (DMCC, Union, Burjuman, Burj Khalifa and Mall of the Emirates) are the locations for morning (6am to midday) and evening (4pm to 9pm) live performances of traditional and non-traditional musical genres. 


The collab between Brand Dubai and Road Transport Authority (RTA) is seeing 25 international musical acts rotating between the five stsations as the week progresses, and trust us, you won't want to miss out on this line-up. 

Brand Dubai's City Branding Manager Shaima Al Suwaidi has told us: 

“The artists have not performed before in the region and they will present unique art forms and instruments made of unusual material such as vessels, glasses etc. The idea of bringing them here is to celebrate creativity, talent and innovation, while bringing different cultures together”

We can totes get behind that. Oh, and did we mention that the main purpose of this festival is to celebrate the Spirit of Dubai. Al Suwaidi added:

“This is the celebration of global art and culture. It is a celebration of the people of Dubai, who hail from all parts of the world and there is no better way to connect people than through music”

Make sure to pop on down to your nearest metro station and enjoy the tunes. 

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