12 Totally Relatable Quotes About Mums To Celebrate Mother's Day

"I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry"
12 Totally Relatable Quotes About Mums To Celebrate Mother's Day

The day when we get to treat our mothers like the queens they truly are (should be every day in my opinion but ok) is almost upon us. For all the times they stayed up with us through the night, held our hands when we were upset and listened to all our pointless stories, we love our mums and could never do without them. A big shout out to all the super mums out there. This one’s for you.

Here are some cute/funny/utterly relatable quotes to share with your special lady on the day:

Sometimes, mums just need a break yknow:

We hate to admit it but it'll always come down to:

Our No. 1 fans always:

We're truly sorry for all those sleepless nights: 

Our mums are the best multi-taskers:

Srsly, how did you tolerate us?

We have nothing but respect for you strong women:

We're also sorry for all the walls we've ruined with our "artwork":

Thanks for all the life lessons you've taught us:

Forever our role models:

Life motto right there: 

We're not crying, you are. 

Brb, we're just going to go call our mums and tell them we love them *sobs*. 

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