The Jonas Brothers' Single ‘Sucker’ Hit No. 1 And This Is How Priyanka Chopra Celebrated

Can I have a Nick Jonas in my life, too?
The Jonas Brothers' Single ‘Sucker’ Hit No. 1 And This Is How Priyanka Chopra Celebrated
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Have you been playing the Jo Bros’ song, ‘Sucker’ on repeat? Yeah, same and now thanks to all those replays, they’ve reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list, dethroning Ariana Grande’s ‘7 Rings’ (a very strong contender).

The brothers were absolutely over the moon and why wouldn’t they be? It's their first song together after a six year hiatus and it’s already smashed it. It’s a cause for celebration, for sure!

And celebrate they did…

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AHHH!!! This is unbelievable. My heart is so full of gratitude. There was a time I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be able to make music with my brothers again, let alone have a number 1 song on the Hot 100 on Billboard. Thank you to every single person who downloaded, streamed and listened to #sucker on the radio. This still feels like a dream, and the best part is is that it’s just the beginning of this incredible new chapter. Thank you @philymack we truly do have the best manager and team in the business, and @republicrecords you guys are complete rockstars over there. Thank you for putting everything you had behind us. @ryantedder @louisbellmusic And @frankdukes Thank you for writing the perfect song for us to step back out with. All of our JONATICS! You guys are the best fans in the world, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without your endless love and support. This is gonna be an unforgettable ride. Get ready!

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The most extravagant of celebrations ofc has to be the way in which Nick Jonas broke the news to his wife, Priyanka Chopra. Howdid he do it?

Well, Priyanka was in India for her younger brother’s wedding and the singer took it upon himself to surprise her with only a brand new $199,000 (approx. Dhs731,000) Mercedes. Yea, just that.

Coming back home to hear that your husband’s single is no. 1 on the Billboard charts and receiving a brand new whip from said husband, is actually not bad going. 

Priyanka is livin large rn and we’re muchos happy (and totally not at all jelly) for her. It's not her fault we're not married to a Merc-buying Jonas man. 

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