I Tried Dubai’s Newest Fitness Studio And Wow

Did I mention I worked out?
I Tried Dubai’s Newest Fitness Studio And Wow

Confession: I don't enjoy exercising. I work out a couple of times a week and during those 45 minutes I am only thinking about how many slices of pizza the class will allow me to inhale over the weekend.

So when an invite landed on my desk to try 1BEAT, a brand-new studio in DXB, I was hesistant (I'm so over seeing Instagram gym bunnies IRL), but pictured said pizza and accepted. Here's what happened... 

At 9am on a Friday (honestly, the things you do for work), I nervously entered the studio, which was buzzing, to try out the R1DE class (LIFT and CLIMB are other class options). The room was dark except for ridiculously cool strobe lights, the music was epic and my instructor was throwing around affirmations towards us like confetti at a wedding. The class was definitely tough (and sweaty), but I actually felt like I was on an edgy night out (minus the bar) and totally loved it.

1BEAT was born by Emirati sibling duo Fatma and Mohammed Ghobash, who wanted to create a boutique fitness studio in the city and encourage residents to "leave their stress at the door" and enjoy an "amazing, minfdul experience."

You’re encouraged to fuel your workout with what matters and to be present. This notion was what inspired the lead architect, Khaled Iskandar, to create a space that would allow “people to zone out and focus on what they’re doing.” A place people could go “to get away from the world.”

“Connect the head and heart to your body and see the places you’ll go”

Was I sore the next day? Yes. Will I be back? Definitely. 

Where: 1Central, the Offices 2, near DIFC and DWTC
Class schedule:Wesbite
Price: Wesbite

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