A MAC x Aladdin Disney Collection Is Coming And We Won't Shut Up About It

One of our wishes came true
A MAC x Aladdin Disney Collection Is Coming And We Won't Shut Up About It
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There's just something about a Disney make-up collection that really gets us going. Maybe it's the nostalgia, or perhaps the fact that our inner child is always instantly obsessed.

Whatever it is, we nearly fell off our chair when MAC announced that they'd be collaborating with one of our all-time favourite Disney movies, Aladdin.

That's right folks, this is really happening - and it appears to coincide with the hotly anticipated remake of the film, which will be hitting the big screens on May 24th (we're counting down the days till we get to see Will Smith as a genie, tbh).

Have you seen the trailer yet? Here's Will introducing what looks to be an epic movie we absolutely cannot wait to see:

MAC's senior artist Dominic Skinner let us know it's real and took to his Instagram to announce the exciting news.

Back to the beauty bits. Housed in gold and turquoise, MAC have only dropped a teaser of what's to come and it looks reallll good.

An eye shadow palette, lipstick and bronzer are all we're getting to see so far. Our first impressions? These are some fleeky shades, hun! And obviously we will be purchasing everything.

The hot pink, fuchsia lipstick is definitely a head turner and we're drooling at the mix of matte and shimmer shades in that eyeshadow palette.

Here's a look at what's in store from the collab below...

MAC x Aladdin Lipstick

MAC x Aladdin Disney collection

MAC x Aladdin Bronzer

MAC Cosmetics x Aladdin Disney

MAC x Aladdin Eyeshadow Palette

MAC x Aladdin

So far, that's all we've got for you, but we're sure more magical additions will be released soon - fingers crossed a golden highlighter is somewhere in the mix.

The full collection will be available to buy on the 1st of May. As with every MAC collaboration, it's limited edition and we predict a sell out, so fill your basket up fast to avoid missing out.

FYI, we have big plans to craft a Whole New face as soon as we've got our hands on the goods.

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