I've Discovered An Epic Vintage Store And I'm Thankful

And it ships worldwide
I've Discovered An Epic Vintage Store And I'm Thankful

I have a confession. After I unearthed the most brilliantly amazing vintage clothing store that delivers to the region, my first thought was not to share it with you. Selfish, I know, but with such limited and exclusive gems for sale, I really didn't feel like fighting at checkout. 

But then I had a word with myself, and here we are. So let's start at the very beginning, shall we? I recently began hunting for the perfect pair of high-waisted, flattering and good quality blue denim jeans. I noticed on Instagram uber-cool fashion influencer Rania Fawaz rocking a pair. "Where are your jeans from? I love!" I gushed on the snap. "Binge On Vintage, babe, they do the best Levi's," she replied casually.

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Headband season

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Binge on Vintage? Why had I never heard of this website? I immediately took to my laptop and began scrolling. And oh my. The online store is just a dream. Exclusive and vintage clothing boasting everything from Chanel purses, Fendi kitten heels and of course, a stunning selection of aged to perfection denim. 

I ordered everything I could afford...


And emailed my appreciation to an address on the website. Hours later I got a reply from a lady called Aya, who happens to be the founder living in Seattle and running the website from her home. I then decided to interview her (I can't help myself) and here's what she had to say...


Where did the idea to launch a vintage website come from?

"I started collecting vintage a few years back because it felt good to stand out and express myself. I created an Instagram for fun but I would get a lot of enquires from all over the world asking if pieces in my collection were for sale. Finally I decided to launch a website last year with a few pieces from our collection and it's been great so far."

What's your mission? 

"To restore individuality and sustainability to the fashion place."

Where do you source the clothes and accessories from?

"We curate and purchase our vintage clothing and accessories from a few different sources. All include vintage markets, wholesalers, and personal collections."

How would you describe your style?

"Laid back. I'm very much into an effortless look all the way. Denim on denim, denim with a good graphic tee and blazer. I’m pretty simple. I don’t want to think too much about an outfit. It kinda just comes together."

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@nastyaswan wears our denim

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What always sells out?

"Jeans tend to be our big seller [huge shock, not]. Nothing comes close to a pair of good vintage Levi's. Graphic tops are good sellers too."

Do you have an interest from young shoppers? 

"Yes. A lot of young people right now are craving something different. They are seeking authenticity and individual expression like they’ve never found before. I am not putting shopping malls down, but young people are shifting their loyalty."

So there you have it. Go forth and shop - but wait up for me, please. 

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