It’s Tristan Thompson’s Birthday And Khloé Has Feelings

Not awkward at all
It’s Tristan Thompson’s Birthday And Khloé Has Feelings
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It’s Tristan Thompson’s bday, y’all. The professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers turns 28 today and everyone’s eyes are paying close attention to two specific women: Khloé Kardashian and Jordyn Woods.

Given all the drama that’s unfolded in the past couple of weeks, we’re all wondering whether the birthday wishes will flow from the women in question or will there be an awkward (but deserving) social media silence in terms of birthday posts. 

Well, never being the one to hold her tongue and remain silent for too long, Khloé Kardashian gives us her two cents in true Khlo Money fashion. 

She shared these quotes on her Insta story the night before and we have to say, message well received:

Khloe Kardashian Insta story

"Don't waste your precious life on things that don't bring you joy." Hmm, could Khlo be referring to the bday boy himself? Curiouser and curiouser...

Kardashain insta story

There's got to be some kind of correlation to her posting these cryptic quotes on her story, particularly on this day, or maybe we're reading too much into this. In the words of momager, Kris Jenner, this look like...


All we know so far is that, Tristan and Khlo have been on the rocks ever since Tristan decided to get friendly with another woman while Khloé was still pregnant with their daughter, True Thompson. The pair haven't lived together since August, a source told People.

And as for Jordyn Woods, she's not posted anything birtday-related, which we can all agree, is probs for the best. 

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