Louis Tomlinson Just Shaded Zayn Malik and They’re Definitely Not Friends Anymore

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Louis Tomlinson Just Shaded Zayn Malik and They’re Definitely Not Friends Anymore

  • One Direction is kaput, and Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik still aren’t friends.
  • Louis just explained why he and Zayn don’t talk anymore, and the reason is pretty sad.

As much as we wish, One Direction is going full Taylor Swift and will probably never get back together. Since Zayn Malik left the band back in 2015, his relationship with former 1D member Louis Tomlinson has gone downhill, and Louis just shared why he is not exactly cool with Zayn at the moment.

Speaking on celebrity journalist Dan Wooton’s podcast, Louis said he and Zayn kept in touch a bit after Zayn left the group, but when Zayn failed to show up to support Louis after his mum died in December 2016, their friendship was over.

Louis said, “Truthfully, it never really got better.” Louis also talked about how he had to perform on the X-Factor days after his mother passed away, which must’ve been incredibly difficult. Knowing that, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne all showed up to support Louis. Predictably, it was super noticeable when Zayn was the only one who didn’t support Louis IRL and instead opted to tweet this:

Louis definitely remembers that and said:

“I had a couple of calls with him after I lost my mum, and all the boys had agreed to come to that performance, and he didn’t show, so that really bugged me...It was just seeing everyone there - Harry, Niall, and Liam - that was what I needed that night, that support. So on the other end of the spectrum, it kind of really showed."

Sad times.

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